Friday, September 14, 2012

Big Boy Lego Room!

Finally have the Evster's Lego Room done! Took a bit to pull it all together.

(Although, I did realize yesterday that we've only lived here 2 months now, so I don't feel too behind!)

I wanted to recycle the bedding & decor I did for their shared room in Texas. It was still in good shape, I was NOT going to waste it! Plus it was time to move Evan out of his toddler bed (I noticed after we moved that he had to sleep diagonal to fit in it!) and pass on Jake's twin. Jake then got the queen that used to be in the guest room. Figure if/when we have visitors then Jake can just have a sleep over in Evan's room.

The colors for what we already have are not traditional lego colors. Still, I came up with a lego/transportation type room!

Etsy was the best for finding stuff to complete this room and use the non traditional lego colors!

So, same furniture as before. Greg really wants to get new for the boys, but quite honestly I just don't see the point. They're kids, LITTLE kids... they really don't care & it's not falling apart. So it's going to be around a while even if the style is outdated.

The decor on the far wall is what I hand painted a few years ago. Not ready to part with it yet ;) So I added in some lego vinyls here and there around the room. I got them from THIS etsy seller. That cute little yellow lego head pillow came from THIS etsy seller.

The printers drawer is something I've had for years. Perfect for minifigs! He has WAY more... but they're being played with. Made sure to mount it low enough that he still has access for it. That way it serves as decor AND storage/organization!

In between his door and closet there's a shelf and a storage cube. Storage cube is EXPEDIT from IKEA and the blue bins that I thought sort of had a lego look to them are the LEKMAN.

His little shelf of trinkets from our travels...
I put a command hook on the side of the storage cube for his Lego Calendar
The other side of the room with a fantastic vinyl! Totally customized in that you get to pic the colors and name from THIS etsy seller.
Cool, huh? Was a little leery of putting it up and keeping it all straight. But I managed! I did add in the other legos vinyls that I also used to tie it all together. Thinking I may remove the blue block next to the E, doesn't look as good as the others mixed in.
The lego lamp... it was the crowing glory of the room! He was so thrilled! You could pick what colors you wanted it's handmade by THIS etsy seller.

Evan actually had the idea to put some lego vinyls on his chair!


I will say, in typical 3 year old fashion... after completing his room and asking him how he liked it... he answers, "My name is not Evan, and I don't like Legos". Killing me kid, just killing me!! ;)


Aunt J said...

If his name isn't Evan - what did he change it to? I think the room is adorable and I love the Lego theme. Since you are thinking about moving the lego by the 'E' I thought it might be cute next to the lego guy who has his leg extended. It would look like he kicked it. Thanks for the pics and blog! You are doing fantastic since it's only been 2 months after the move. You go girl! Love ya.

Tys said...

He informed us he wanted to be referred to as Q-Ertz! Luckily that was only a couple day fad ;)