Saturday, September 22, 2012

DIY Space Painting

The other day I showed you the beginnings of Jake's Star Wars Room. We obviously still need to add various elements. I have yet to ever get a room completely done within an allotted amount of time... pretty sure we moved from Texas without a room complete ;)

As always there's a budget to keep in mind for various reasons, and every now and then I get the itch to paint something. However, I'm not terribly artistic. I was at one point and I just never kept up with.

I really enjoyed when I painted the canvases in to match Jake's room in Texas.

So after some perusing on Pinterest I got inspired to try my hand at painting a space painting. This involves pretty much splattering paint. This does end up being a little more complex than just that. After some tweaking, I'm pretty darn happy with the finished product!

Here's what I did (remember I'm NOT a professional and typically I have no clue what I'm doing :))

I found a 2-Pack of 18"x24" canvases for $9.99 at a craft store. I picked up the cheapie foam brush to apply the black acrylic paint. Did a few coats, I tried to apply different directions so that when dry I didn't get any straight lines in the paint.


Set onto a wipes box to get the edges (don't leave on too long though, it will leave an indentation).

Once the black was dry I laid out cardboard in the yard. Grabbed an old toothbrush, poured some white acrylic paint onto the bristles, then use thumb & thumbnail to run across the bristles - flicking droplets onto the black canvas. Some will be almost a fine mist. It just depends on how close you are, how fast you flick, and the angle (standing over it vs. leaning down to one side). Every now and then you will get a horrible glob (and you may cuss)... it's okay... don't worry. Just blot it up (we'll cover it later). I totally thought I had pictures of this process. In looking back I remember how paint covered my hands both were so no pics. Sorry about that! I hope I was descriptive enough... if not please ask!

So pretty much for 15 minutes I just sort of messed around with that. Then let it dry.

Took it back inside. Dabbed black paint over all the wiped up white paint blots. This makes it too black in those areas so I took a toothpick. Dipped into the white paint and made dots in these areas. Also randomly dotted other areas as well... sometimes going in a line or tighter cluster. Making it more like space! The black touch ups dried and you can't even tell a difference. It really helps for the depth and variety so it doesn't just look like you painted a bunch of white dots on black.

I showed it to Jake and his response... "Where are the ships?"... sigh...

I think I'm doing to put it on the wall between the two windows. Not 100% sure on that yet. Need to place my Etsy order for some more Star Wars decor. Then I'll know more where I exactly want it.
Really simple project! Great way to fill up a wall and not spend a lot. Totally I spent close to $20 (half of it on canvases, and I still have one left!) because I didn't already have black acrylic paint, and I incorrectly thought I'd need a huge one. Nope, a small one would of worked just fine. I also spend a few extra bucks on more foam brushes because I haven't made sense of the boxes the packers packed of all my craft stuff.

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Aunt J said...

Thanks for the instructions T. Can't wait to see it up on the wall!