Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Jake goes to Kindergarten!

This morning I sent my first buddy on a bus and off he went to Kindergarten!

I've heard of so many mama tears... I'm starting to feel like I've done something wrong by not breaking down into tears. I certainly had butterflies in my stomach, but couldn't stop smiling for my guy! I'm so proud of him. Maybe it's because I've been lucky to have spent the last 6 (almost!) years with him. Maybe it's because of his birthday, and he's going into Kindergarten a little older than some. It all feels right!

I do know that the whole family was very excited for him today! He was super excited as well.

Starting off the day with triple berry pancakes and turkey bacon


Mama and her boys

My handsome gentlemen!

How's that for some excitement?? :)

Evan and his "lego hands" with big bro

Greg took went into work late this morning so he could see him off.

Getting on the bus...

More excitement! Yay!

There he goes!

I must admit to a momentary freak out in my head. When doing stuff like this I always make sure ALL the info matches up. The route number was the same on the bus, but the bus number was different. So of course, I'm the only mom sticking my head into the bus double checking with the driver (who is looking at me like I'm nuts). But all was well and off he went... so then this means I gave the teacher the WRONG info. I didn't know to write down the route #, I wrote down the bus # which is now no longer relevant!

Luckily, I was headed to school anyway to drop off his bag of supplies.

I get there and he's already sitting at his spot, all smiles! Said "Hey Mama Why are you here?". Ha. So I updated his bus info, dropped off his supplies, and gave my buddy a squeeze! I don't think they wanted parents in the room... oops! I realized that after the fact, my bad!

He has his hand on his chin

Came back home to my two littles, so Greg could head to work. Time to once again find a new normal for us! What is THAT anyway?

I was good until about 2pm... was wondering how he'd know what stop is his? Would the driver know? What if he feel asleep? The bus drop off is right before 4pm, so of course we were in the area by 3:45pm, lol. Went to where the pick up was, but then noticed everyone on the other side of the street. Apparently, for drop off it's on the other side. How is anyone that's new to not only the area but to school in general suppose to know all these little things?? The bus was about 10 mins late, so it gave me a chance to chat with some of the other moms. Even got a number, ha ha!

Evan "walking" his scooter at bus stop... goofball!

He's still super excited, all smiles & gives it a thumbs up! I can't ask for much more than that :)

And here's a poem a friend once shared... I think it's very fitting...

I wonder what you're doing right now,
And if everyone is treating you kind.
I hope there's a special person,
A nice friend that you can find.

I wonder if the teacher knows,
Just how special you are to me.
If the brightness of your heart,
Is something she can see.

I wonder if you're thinking about me,
And if you need a hug.
I already miss the sound of your voice,
And how you give me leg a tug.

I wonder if you could possibly understand,
How hard it is for me to let you grow.
On this day know that my heart breaks,
For this is the first step in letting my baby go.


Mrs. D said...

Yay Jake! It sounds like you both did a great job;) I had butterflies just reading that!

Aunt J said...

I am so PROUD of Jake and also the rest of the family as this is an adjustment for everyone! Love the poem...it made me chock up a little remembering when you were young; which seems like yesterday. I know it sounds like I'm an old lady but you know what I mean. Much love to all.