Thursday, September 6, 2012

Mt. Vernon - H Family Sight Seeing Part 4

We had a very busy holiday weekend. It involved many errands, meeting/interviewing a babysitter, finishing up the new front landscaping, the gym (I finally tried the spin class here, I really miss my TX one!), painting Jake's room, major grocery shopping, finishing up Evan's room, a flooded basement (yah, I don't want to talk about that right now), a little sight seeing and a trip to IKEA. At the end of it all we pretty much felt like we got hit by a truck. Safe to say this weekend will be very low key!

In working on Jake's room we decided we needed an IKEA trip. It's a bit southwest of us, about a half hour. Sort of on the way is Mt. Vernon, George Washington's Estate. Thought we'd check it out. Ended up being the hottest non-sunny dreary day I think I've ever experienced! I thought I could handle humidity after living in Houston for over 3 years... this was unreal!

We really really liked it! Can't believe it was the home of our first president (even the boys at 3 & 5 found it pretty cool). We went on the mansion tour (but no pictures allowed - you also aren't suppose to lean on anything!). He picked out a fantastic place for his plantation. The view from his back porch of the Potomac River is the kind of view you have to sit down for a bit to take it all in! As always, my pictures just do not do it justice.

Before we left we upgraded our tickets to annual passes... for less than the cost of another visit... we can go unlimited for a year. There's still lots we didn't see. The farm, the wharf, more buildings, the old tomb, etc... plus they have some festivals throughout the year. Can't wait!

The boys! They were excited!

Some of the grounds/gardens

The Mansion, looks how George Washington left it when he died in 1799

Plantation Buildings

Great Potomac Views from the back

Mt. Vernon Mansion

The Tomb of the Washingtons' (Martha is on the left out of the pic)
The grounds around Washington's Tomb

Then AFTER all that (got our souvenir pennies too!) we decided to tempt fate and still go to IKEA. What a mad house. I don't think we'll EVER go back... at least not until we move again in a couple years ;)

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Aunt J said...

FUN, FUN, FUN ~ sounds like such fun (except for the IKEA part.) Sounds like you are checking off items from your to-do list. YEAH!