Monday, October 1, 2012

34 years old & a new computer to boot!

Not that I've been great at posting lately... however, ran into a huge snag. My laptop went belly up! I guess it's bound to happen, it's 5 years old. Hard to believe how "disposable" technology is these days. Doesn't feel right.

However, such a huge chunk of everything we do involves the computer. So I think that may of been my birthday present? Nothing fancy. Didn't even get a laptop. Our desktop went belly up when we moved here (7 years old) so we were using my laptop as the main computer. We just got another tower since our monitor & keyboard were relatively new.

BUT none of my stuff has been transferred over from my laptop yet. So I don't have much to show at the moment. There's lots I just need to put together & whip up into some posts... landscaping, the house painted, etc...

Today is my birthday. 34 years old. Hmmm... I'm not cringing over it, but I'm not bouncing off the walls with excitement either. It just is what it is. Greg has been gone since Sat traveling for work and will be home next Saturday. So it's just me & the boys... and they're let's say a little underwhelmed that it's my birthday. They're more bummed that it's not theirs! LOL!

Grabbed a carrot cake when the younger 2 and I went grocery shopping this morning. We'll probably grab some take out for dinner, and "celebrate" :)

"You know you're getting old when Happy Hour is a nap..."


the cape on the corner said...

happy happy birthday! yay for october birthdays, mine is next monday.

Aunt J said...

That is funny ~ a new computer 'to boot' meaning 'also' and 'start-up'. Only a person who works with software users daily would get a kick out of that. Me!

I hope that you had a very nice birthday and you are blessed with many more.

Love ya!