Tuesday, October 9, 2012

H Family Backyard "clearing"

We've done lots to the house since we moved in! Thought I'd do a bit of a summary post of it all. I wavered on breaking it down into a few posts or just into one. Decided to just show it in pieces as it was done.

First we had the backyard cleared out of underbrush & any tree under 3" in diameter. Then the back that's covered with leaves & twigs was "mulched"... made for a cleaner play space and when it's wet it's not as messy as straight up dirt. We have some major trees back there with quite a canopy that shades most of the backyard (so only the front 10 ft of the backyard has grass). Not sure what our plan is for next spring/summer (have all winter to brainstorm). But glad to have it cleared out for now so the boys can play and all the thorns & poison ivy is gone!

Backyard before and afters (just ignore all the other randomly placed items/kids)...

Left side before
Left side after - whoa - space!

A Jedi in the Jungle (center before)

Center - In front of deck before

Center after (found a bunch of large rocks in the ground!)
Right Side before

Right Side after
Hauling away all the stuff they cleaned out!

We probably won't invest too much back there, but still have a couple ideas for out back. Definitely a firepit! I wanted a rope swing, but all our trees are so tall, there's no limb to try a swing from until 20 ft up, no that's a no-go. I was out back with them yesterday and with the leaves starting to fall, I noticed our neighbor (with two highschool kids) has one of those wooden playsets/forts in their backyard looking pretty neglected. I'm going to try to work up some nerve to approach her sometime and see if she's willing to sell it to us. Looks pretty worn (so hopefully could get at good price since the new ones are $$$), but I'm sure it'd be great for the two years we'll be here... and talk about an easy transport! I never see this lady though, she's one that drives her car into the garage and lowers the door immediately. Hmmm... this is how I get myself into awkward situations! Let's see what I come up with ;)

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jeri_hello said...

Hi T ~ What a great idea to buy the playset from next door! I'd take a boy or two with you when you approach her so she sees how much they would enjoy her unused gem of a deal.

The pictures are amazing. What a huge improvement!

Thanks for posting.