Thursday, November 15, 2012

Family Harvest Days at Mt. Vernon - H Family Sight Seeing Part 6

Last time we went to Mt. Vernon, we liked it so much we became annual members!

So we went back for Family Harvest Days!

Once again we enjoyed ourselves. It's a perfect mix of history, space of the boys, outdoors, and fun.

The sign reads "Tulip Tree Circa 1766"... if only trees could talk!

Small beach area near the wharf on the Potomac River. I wanted to snag some driftwood to take home with us for a memento... but it specifically ask you don't touch the beach in any way.

The Wharf... they were doing cruises for half price that day (we didn't go though)

Roasting Apples!

Luke taste testing a roasted apple! It got a thumbs up!

Evan posing with his roasted apple, awesome backdrop!

Finished eating roasted apples while listening to some music. They were fascinated!

Fall is not complete without a hay bale maze!
Greg took a pic of me. Been trying to still be comfy & casual but a bit more stylish lately
Lots of leaves were collected!
They were selling simple lunch things... and I gotta say sitting next to the river on hay bales eating our little lunch was wonderful!
 And those were just the fun things we actually got pictures of! They also watched a blacksmith for a long time, then watched a lady work a spindle & asked her lots of questions. We got to watch some horses trample wheat to get out the grain (a system that George Washington invented). Ended our visit with a wagon ride in the meadow in front of the estate.

Cute little story: We were walking around and one point it took us pass the Tombs if we stayed on that walkway. We were telling the boys that to remember to be quiet and before we could finish...  Evan pipes up "We're going past George Washington, we have to be respect-a-bull-ity-ly".

I know they're going to be so young while we're here... but I really truly hope they remember all the historical places we've visited and why to be "respect-a-bull-ity-ly" ;)

 We had a great time! It was a really nice day for it! We will certainly will be going back for Christmas!


Jeri Slater said...

What a beatuiful area! Thanks for taking me along for the day! Much love to all.

Kate said...

I want to go to there.