Saturday, November 10, 2012

Halloween 2012... May the force be with you!

For this Halloween... it was a Star Wars theme!

These boys LOVE them some Star Wars... and Mommy & Daddy do too! I say all the time these boys are lucky that their mama has always liked Star Wars AND knows all about (characters, planets, background, plots, ships, weapons, wars, etc) it too!

I try to very loosely have a theme each year...

Football player & football!
The Vet with her black cat & puppy dog

And last year I really liked making their Halloween costumes!

Jake & Cubby from the Neverland Pirates.
 Luke was going to be a parrot, but I didn't get it done.
 He was only 6 months old so he was just in a Halloween-y outfit & hat ;)

This year with the move, making anything just wasn't going to happen! I did a lot of online searching and got the best price I could find and with being an Amazon Prime member... shipping was free!
Introducing... Anakin Skywalker, Yoda, and Darth Vader!

I know some people are against letting their child be an evil character like Darth Vader... but if that's the case they probably have never bothered to let the story sink in. Anakin really does end up being the one that brings balance to the force. After everything, it's Vader (Anakin's sith lord name) that destroys the Emperor! Jake recognizes that... so I'm okay with him wanting to be Vader! Okay, off my soapbox! I just don't like it when people get on that high horse, like I'm doing something wrong as a mother if he picks a villain costume?

Tell me Luke isn't the perfect Yoda!?!

Thing was I had these for a month and couldn't tell them. They're so gaga over Star Wars that outfits and lightsabers would be ruined before Halloween. So I brought them out to show them the day before... it was like freaking Christmas! ha!

In looking at these pics I'm really liking their Halloween buckets. I got them last year at Target. They're really buckets, so they'll hold up through the years with these boys!

It was a very chilly Halloween (and just after Sandy came through)! Greg took the boys house to house on our street and I stayed on the porch for the trick-or-treaters. It was a nice evening!


Jeri Slater said...

Costumes lool GREAT and the kids look like they are having a very good time, which is the important part.

I'll never forget the Star Wars book I was reading to the older boys at bedtime earlier this year. I wasn't pronouning all the words correctly and it ended up being a laugh fest!

April said...

I LOVE doing theme costumes and I LOVE star wars so I am absolutely digging this post :-) They look great!