Monday, November 5, 2012

Remember me?

Hi there! Have you noticed a theme? Pretty sure my theme is AWOL these days.

Let's face it, things haven't been the same around here since last summer. That summer really turned everything upside down. I'm probably still processing some of it.

Then we moved cross country.

I just simply can't get back into any kind of normal and I don't like the way that feels. Not one bit.

I need to get back to something... or find something... or let go of something... maybe all three?

I used to always blog about our daily life as well as little things inbetween like crafts, home decor, improvements, kids, and what not. Then I stopped talking/reflecting as much as I used to when I started sharing more of my creative side. It would give me high of sorts, and helped me feel productive and like I was actually doing something.

Now I don't do any of that. I'm at a point where I feel really lost right now. Not really sad or depressed... just simply lost. So I run the risking of sounding negative or whiney if I talk about what's up in my life right now... but here it goes.

I'm trying to replicate how things were... but it's just not the same. Same brand of gym... but NOT the same at all. They have spin class, but nothing like I used to enjoy (although I did finally find one!).

 Can't find a moms group around here that's not very age specific or very detailed... like I must be an "ethnic gay single mom in my 40's with my first baby that was born between Jan - March of 2010".... if not then sorry Charlie!Where's the group for "Mom with kids, wants to do stuff with other moms with kids"?

Greg has been traveling a lot. It sucks. I know military families will just roll their eyes... but hey, we're a team... we always have been. I don't have family or friends to help out... so when he is gone, I'm truly ALONE. In a house that we've not even been in for FOUR months.

I miss going out with my friends for fish tacos and margaritas and laugh over completely stupid things that only your friends get.

The stores are all different here. I'm still figuring out what has what. Where to go for xyz.

There's still stuff I can't find... which sucks when getting ready, or trying make dinner, or prepare for the change of season (it just took Greg and I days to find our hats & mittens). I hate that feeling like that!

The kids are doing well I think. Luke is 17 mths and has a pet toy vacuum! Evan is 3 going on 6... except in the emotions department... he's very extreme right now, about everything. Jake is still very excited to go to school, I love seeing him bound of the bus with purpose and casualness of an old pro. Just had parent teacher conferences today and the teacher says he's doing wonderful! Can't ask for much else.

I still don't have my craft table set up... I can't find anything... it's all either packed or unpacked and shoved somewhere. So I haven't made anything but a cute little Halloween Rag Wreath!

Our laptop bit the dust... so to get on the computer by any other means than my phone (like blogging) I have to come downstairs to the basement. We use the finished half (that's in the shape of an L) as office, playroom, exercise area. Of course when I want to come down here... the boys don't... if we're all down here I get interrupted every 5 seconds. By night time, I don't want to come down here... I want to sit on the couch or in my bed (oh laptop, I curse thee!). Then our desktop died... and we decided to replace it when another desktop due to price and that the monitor and keyboard were perfectly find.

It's just not a good "gathering my thoughts" place. But I guess it's just going to HAVE to be right? Wondering if I should just actually schedule my blogging time instead of just waiting for a free moment... because uh... what's a free moment???

Anyway... we're here (Sandy didn't blow us away)... just need to figure out how to pull everything back together again! Hope you're here when I do! :)


April said...

So great to see you blogging :-) You will find yourself, sweetie. Chin up, girlfriend! Can't wait to hear more from the H family!

Jeri Slater said...

Hello T ~ Welcome back! Okay, I give ~ what is a pet toy vacuum? I know I'm out of the loop with kids; but that is a new one on me :) Life is full of highs and lows with some smooth sailing in between. Your my dear have missed out on the smooth sailing part for some time. Don't dispair it will return! Can't wait to catch up with you all when you're passing through Ohio. Much Love.

shelley c. said...

I feel you on the maybe-I-should-schedule-blogging-time thing. It'll come back. Good to see you here :)

Tys said...

Pet toy vaccuum... we have a toy vaccuum that Luke drags around with it ON (sounds just like a real one) behind him from the moment he gets up to the moment he goes to bed. ;)