Monday, November 5, 2012

The Newly Painted House!!

Sorry I lost my steam and completely teased about reveling the newly painted house! My last post was about the front landscaping.

We LOVE it! We're the talk of our court for sure, everyone ohs and ahs over it. At the bus stop one day it came up that I majored in Interior and Architectural Design in college and the other neighbors were all "Oh, makes total sense now at how wonderful you made the house look!". That felt good to hear, because I gotta tell ya... I've NEVER picked out exterior paint for my OWN house ;)

Okay we're is Vanna when I need her!? House went from this...

To (drum roll please - like the Griswolds if you please)...

Then we added new house numbers (couldn't even see the old ones above door)... new light fixtures should be here by the end of the week. Those itty-bitty lights are woefully under scaled and don't put off enough light!

You can see the blue door better in this picture. I really like it... also painted the french back doors in the same color! You might notice we ditched the screen door. I liked the functionality of the door... but it made opening the door really awkward for anyone to come in, they had to step off the small porch just to come back up to come in. I think it looks friendlier and more inviting this way.

First we had to pick our colors. I was inspired by a home we drove by when we were cruising around Annapolis, MD a few months ago. Plus there's a lot of beige homes around us, so I knew beige was out of the picture plus the roof shingles lean towards more bluish. So a nice gray, light trim with an accent door for pop was what we had in mind. I was pretty sure I wanted blue, but thought I should perhaps try a dark gray and a bronze too just to be sure.

Out came my handy dandy Sherwin Williams paint deck from the ole design days and we picked our sample combos. We primed then painted the samples on a corner of the house next to the fireplace (so we could also see next to brick) during different times of the day.

(we picked the second one down)

Paint Colors:

House Paint... Functional Gray SW7024
House Trim (including gutters and garage door)... Alabaster SW7008
Doors... Naval SW6244

The previous owners painted every single surface the same exact color. You just can't do that, there has to be some definition... help the house show off it's looks!

P.S. You're also seeing the new driveway in the picture too... a blog post about just the driveway was a little boring... even for me! It was neat seeing how fast they ripped it up (and how easily it came up!) and replaced!

P.P.S. I'm thinking a two pairs of shutters on the bottom front windows would be a really nice touch with shutter dogs... but I think we're done!


the cape on the corner said...

it looks great! love the landscaping, and that is the perfect spot for the house numbers. fabulous job!

Jeri Slater said...

Thanks for the post! I felt like I was playing a game of 'Find the differences between the two pictures'. LOL As always your creative side comes out and everything looks very updated and lovely.

Tisa See said...

You really have a good taste in designing your home, Tys! You surely know what materials will help complement it! But I just had a thought, I hope you don't mind if I suggest staining your exterior brick walls red. It's two years, I think your house deserves a little makeover, don't you think? Besides, it excites me to see what design you'll do next. :)