Friday, December 14, 2012

2012 Christmas decor in VA

The one thing about moving is you will use your stuff differently. It's really notable in the Christmas decoration!

Our home here in VA is about half the size of our Texas home, but definitely bigger than the townhouse in Chicago. So our holiday decorating has certainly morphed over the years! Plus I gotta tell ya... with only moving 5 months ago and all the craziness with Jake starting school, etc... we tried to just keep it simple. I didn't get our neat all of our stuff. With 3 boys, there's not much time to devote to anything but them. The movers didn't like that the packers left our Christmas stuff in the Rubbermaid's so the day off they DUMPED them all into a big wardrobe box and "padded" it with our Christmas lights. So I'm sure you can figure out how all that worked out... most of the lights did not survive. It was such a mess to unpack.

Then on top of it all we all got the stomach flu the same weekend we were trying to decorate... so without further due here is the H Family Virginia Home decorated for Christmas!

Let's start in the dining room! Each of those painted ceramics in the china cabinet was painted by Greg's Grandma. We have lots from her, I stuck mostly with Santa's this time.

If you look you'll see the Peppermint Candy Dome I made last year for Adventures in Mommyland's Dollar Store Craft in which I was a guest poster!
Dining Room Table
The beautiful bouquet on the table was sent to ME from Greg on HIS birthday. I've just been having a rough time lately. Always slightly sick, stressed out to the max, and a feeling very overwhelmed in general. So my thoughtful husband sent me flowers & chocolates. It was quite a pick-me-up!
The stairway upstairs between the dining room and living room (I need to give a home tour don't I?)

Then my Christmas Village!

Now we move into our little family room. It's in the back of the house and too small for a tree, BUT it has the fireplace! Finally ordered personalized stockings since we know our family is complete!

Aren't the wonderful!?
Keep it pretty simple with just garland, lights, and a complete pretties stuck here and there.

Got this little reindeer when I hosted a Christmas Decor Exchange Party with my Mom's Group in Texas! That was fun!
Took down our painting (in orange and blues) and hung up a wreath.

And here's the 2012 Christmas tree... um, yah... 1/3 of the lights are out. So frustrated about that. It happened last year too. Was such a small section that I just put a new strand over it. But I fear this is going to require more work than that. Boo.

Overall, we're nice a cozy and pretty much ready for the holidays! Just don't ask me about shopping ;)
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shelley c. said...

Can I just tell you how much I love that star wreath?? SO much!! Happy holidays to you and your beautiful family :)

Liz said...

It looks beautiful, Tyson! Your house looks so warm and cozy. Miss you!