Sunday, December 30, 2012

H Fam Sight Seeing Part 7 - Arlington National Cemetery

Greg's sis arrived on Friday to for her usual holiday visit! Yay!

Greg & Jake picked her up at the airport, stopped off in Crystal City for lunch, then headed to Arlington National Cemetery.

Greg and I got to check it out this summer when we were here housing hunting (what a crazy weekend!). We knew she would really like it, and Friday it was going to be in the 40's and sunny while the rest of her stay would be more so-so. So it was a good time to check it out. Jake doesn't nap anymore and he's getting older where he understands the meaning behind things. So he went too! I stayed home while the younger two napped.

They got there just in time to hike up to the top to the Tomb of the Unknown Solider and was able to see the Changing of the Guard. I was so impressed this summer when we saw the solider standing guard, but we didn't know until after the fact about the Changing of the Guard ceremony. Greg said that Jake was just as impressed and interested as they were! Jealous and proud that my six year old got to see that before I did! Click on the above things and read about them, so very interesting!

He was even doing an imitation of the ceremony when we got home!

It was a peaceful day at Arlington National Cemetery....

There is a Wreath Laying Ceremony that takes place mid December to adorn the cemetery

On the way up to the Tomb of Unknowns

A guard coming to relieve the other

The Changing of the Guard

And now this soldier will guard until the next Changing of the Guard

Cavalry was there for a funeral

A good view of DC with the leaves off the trees

The Eternal Flame

I highly recommend everyone sees this at some point in their life!

There's no mistaking the meaning of this place. Just inside the iron gates where 4 million visitors enter every year, a sign spells it right out:

"Welcome to Arlington National Cemetery, Our Nation's Most Sacred Shrine. Please Remember: These Are Hallowed Grounds."

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Jeri Slater said...

Thank you for providing me with my first views of the Arlington National Cemetery. I was expecting snow on the ground at this time of year. Hope you had a wonderful visit with Aunt Megan.