Saturday, December 22, 2012

Snowman Pudding Cups

Jake had his class party on Friday. It was nice. It was the third time I'd been in his class that week! Love Greg having the rest of the year off so I can spend time in Jake's class.

I had done the game for the Halloween Activity, the craft for Thanksgiving, so I volunteered for the snack for the Holiday Party. Since it was the first day of Winter (and boy did it end up feeling like it too!), our theme was snow/snowmen.

I had seen this idea for Halloween with mandarin orange fruit cups (click pic for original blog post). Thought about doing a snowman face onto pudding cups.

No store I went to even had that many (24) vanilla pudding cups for sale at one time. So I just purchased small clear cups and was going to make the pudding myself. It'd at least be a little healthier too, and I'd know for sure that no eggs would be in it (there's a child with an egg allergy in the class). I ended up getting white chocolate because it's whiter than vanilla, vanilla is yellowy.

Even though some moms looked at me like I was trying to show off or be an overachiever... I promise this is soooo simple. Nothing I do is complicated... I don't even get to go to the bathroom alone or eat something all to myself!

First take a black sharpie and draw on dots for a snowman face. Then I went back with a tiny paintbrush and used orange acrylic paint for the carrot nose.

Then I made the pudding and filled the cups! Cute, no?

I also had toppings of granola, crushed Oreos, and crushed candy canes. I picked up black spoons so they'd be the shovels.

Did they go over well? Um, much to my embarrassment, NO. I had a lot of kids tell me they *HATE* (we don't allow the boys to use that word, we tell them to try to think of a better way to say something like that) pudding. Lots of them just plain got thrown away. This is reminding me of my Bread Bunnies (foxes) that I made for Jake's preschool class last Easter. But there were a few that certainly liked & enjoyed it!

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Jeri Slater said...

What a CUTE idea! I'm surprised the kids didn't like pudding especially with all the choices of toppings... Don't every stop being the awesome Mom that you are. Keep up the good work and great attitude.