Friday, January 11, 2013

A little more to Jake's SW room

It's still a slow process. Mostly being that he has a TON of wall space, and I'm just not sure how/what I want to do with those walls.

Last time I shared the BEGINNINGS of his Star Wars Room, I got a lovely comment telling me what I poor job I did. Kinda took the wind out of my sails... so to random person: you probably succeeded with what you set out to do, feel free to pat yourself on the back!

I did do this space/galaxy painting, that I STILL can't figure out where/what wall I want it on.

After much searching, I just wasn't finding ANY bedding I liked except the stuff from Pottery Barn, much to my dismay. Not that I'm anti Pottery Barn like good ole Phebs, I love their stuff... just not the price or that everyone else might have page 12 from the spring catalog. BUT it really was the nicest looking product, quilted and not cartoon looking.

Actually found some on Ebay! Oooooo.

This is now his bed. I still need to find some shams to help balance out the pillows! I did use a PB coupon and got the shams to add some interest as well. My "gotta keep this because you don't know when you'll need it" paid off... I had old pillows that fit inside the shams. However they are sort of odd shapes so still need to figure out a way to make it all more cohesive.

Whoops! Need to take off the tag ;)

Green is a hard color to incorporate, so I'm really grateful for those two little blasts of green lasers!

Also added a bookshelf for books and other goodies! Got it at Lowes of all places, but a good price!

Yes, there's two clocks. Yoda was originally Evan's. But he ended up NOT liking it at night. Every night I'd find Yoda out in the hallway! So he now hangs with Darth ;)


Jeri Slater said...

Thanks for the update on J's room! Looking good and to find the linins on eBay proves you are a good shopper! Have you considered securing the galaxy picture on the ceiling over the bed? My dentist has art on the ceiling so that you can enjoy it when you are lying back getting ready to be tortured! Ha! Just an idea. Love you!

Mrs. D said...

Very cool! I always have to shop around for awhile to! Sometimes a long while;)