Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Air & Space Museum - H Fam Sight Seeing Part 8

Last weekend we went to the National Air & Space Museum Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center near the Washington Dulles International Airport.

It was phenomenal! Everyone from 18 mths old to 34 years old enjoyed the visit! It's truly fascinating to see the evolution of aviation and technology. Two major highlights for us was seeing the Enola Gay and the Discovery space shuttle. To personally see things with my own eyes that have been in space, was pretty amazing. Sure you know we've been to space and read about it all the time... but to see something that was IN space... awesome.

Here are just a few of the things we saw...

They have 3 levels of planes resting or hanging at various heights for viewing

The Enola Gay

I never realized the size of the Enola Gay before

The Discovery space shuttle!

Three cute boys that loved it!

The nose of the Discovery

A Corsair, one of Greg's favorites

The boys had no less than 8 million questions about all the stuff. It was another great museum visit! Like all Smithsonian Museums, entrance is free. However at this one there is a parking fee of $15. There's also a McDonalds in the building as well. Which while isn't healthy, it allowed for us to spend more time at the museum and less driving around and eating some place else AND get home for naps for the younger two. It's very stroller accessible, and easy for the kids to walk around and see most all the exhibits. Only for a few cases did I have to lift them up to see something. There's also an observation (control) tower you can go up that I completely "spaced" on (ha ha). Guess we'll have to save that for when my dad, Grandpa S comes to visit!

"Do not spin this aircraft. If the aircraft does enter a spin it will return to earth without further attention on the part of the aeronaut."
— first handbook issued with the Curtis-Wright flyer.



Jeri Slater said...

Thank you so much for the hyperlinks as I learn so much about the item in the picture. I appreciate you sharing your H family sightseeing trips!

Bobbie said...

Amazing to see all those HUGE planes inside!