Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I've been stuck in the basement!

I've actually been doing lots of little projects around here! None very picture worthy.

I started my Organization 2013 revolution by going through our linen closet in hallway in and in our bedroom. Refolded everything and both look much better.

Then moved to our dressers. I refolded and put back away every single drawer of mine and of Greg's using the new method I found on pinterest. It works! In my drawer it freed up tons of space! Now since Men's shirts are larger (and he has a knack for cramming them in the drawer) I can't say much space was cleared up. But you can see each shirt now. Click on below pic for original idea link!

Bunch of stuff went into a donate pile too. I tried to donate a few things from each drawer. It was a lot harder to do, I've been on a purge mission for over a year now. It almost hurts to think of all the purging I've done. Especially with clothes. Even if I didn't wear it, it's really hard to part with clothes. Why? I think it's the money behind it. Feels wasteful. Sigh.

Then I lightly went through our laundry closet in the kitchen. I really REALLY miss my laundry room :( This closet is just enough room for the machines with shelves above. But these are skinny rickety shelves. Makes it hard to store stuff. Since I know we'll only be here 2 more years, I'm leery to change out/redo too much.

Then I went to the BASEMENT. Now you've seen our playroom in the basement, nice space! The other half of the basement (if you go right instead of left from the stairs) is a space that's about the same but a bit smaller and unfinished. This is the space we shoved EVERYTHING that we haven't known what to do with. Being an old home, the closets here are much smaller. I really miss my big spacious closets in Texas. It didn't look like so much stuff there. I'm NOT showing a picture of it (and that's saying something because I've shown some messes on here!), just imagine a lot of boxes, a whole rubbermaid tote city, and random pieces of furniture with stuff stack on or around them.

We still have unpacked boxes in there. I knew it was a good number, like 10, perhaps? But I knew it was time. I also want to set up my craft space in there. So first I needed to get a handle on that area. WOW. I started on Saturday. Let's just say since then I've unpacked SIXTEEN boxes (and still have 8 to go - so much for only 10!ha!), thrown out THREE bags of garbage, a large donate pile, and freed up space in EIGHT rubbermaid totes. Holy Cow. And I'm maybe halfway done! Yikes. S.O.S!

Everything is in piles now. I just need to work on finding homes for things. Then I can get this space functioning more properly. It's pretty scary at the moment. But I can't express just how productive I felt last night when we carried out 16 boxes to flatten and get ready for recycling the end of the week.

Lots of what I unpacked is decor... so this will help finally finish decorating the house! Yay! I also found the picture that I talked about wanting to unpack to go back in the our bedroom.

After all that, I think I'm going to take a break from it today. The big boys and I have dentist appointments today anyway. A little nervous about that. The boys always get glowing check ups... then I typically get lectured or find out I have a broken tooth somewhere (I have a bad habit of gritting my teeth together when stressed or upset and have broken a number of teeth over the last couple years).

Although, I'm liking that I'm starting to feel in control of that half of the basement and it's not in control of ME. Which is a relief! Not that I'm close to being done ;) YET.

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Jeri Slater said...

You're my inspiration to get my closet organized! Thanks for sharing and love the pictures!