Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Our Master Bedroom 2013

This room is by no way complete... but it's all put together. Just needs some art and decor to tie it all together for good. You can see how our room was in Texas.

Here is the current room!

 In need of wall decor as always. I just can't find what I want. Nothing too frou-frou, already have a painting over the dresser (which apparently I did not take a picture of??), already a mirror in the space, so not sure what else there is. I have pics of the boys on the taller dresser (again, no pic of, what was I thinking when I was taking pics?). Maybe I need to go check out Etsy or do some infamous Pinterest browsing!?

Entering into Room

At first glance I'm seeing two things, the walls are not as golden as they're coming off here, they're more of a putty. Second, the curtains are brown, actually the same brown as the brown trim in our bedding. Those curtains were actually left with the house on a window in Luke's Room. I just split them up and used swing arm rods (that we got from Restoration Hardware eons ago for our Master Bedroom in our Chicago suburbs Townhouse) to frame window. The house came with roller blinds in each window, not looking to replace anytime soon, so this option helped dress it up. Actually the sheers that were in here I put in Evan's Big Boy Lego Room.

Entering into Room (more of head on view)

Rounding corner you can see the nook that we set up with bookcase and chair.

Our Bed
 As you can see the bed isn't perfectly centered. I'm completely okay with that because symmetry can be overrated. Also we needed more of a walk way to the right to head to closets and bathroom. In our old room I had two of those leaning shelves. The movers completely broke one of them to bits & pieces. So while it ends up I could only use one anyway, I still wish they could of taken more care.

We did add that lamp on the nightstand from Cost Plus World Market.  You pick out your base and the shade.  I like the addition of it.

I really need to come up with something over the bed. I have no ideas.

The closet hallway leading to our bathroom

My fun jewelry organization in the hallway! It makes me happy when I see it!
My jewelry organization is definitely pinterestly inspired ;) I made the earring storage frames about a year ago. Then I got this rod & hooks from IKEA. It's the FINTORP Series (in kitchen area).
To put together what you see here I used a FINTORP 22 1/2" Rail  ($7.99)with a set of larger FINTORP Hooks (big & smaller ones $2.99/pack).

FINTORP Rail IKEA For a longer rail, connect two FINTORP rails together using only one bracket.  FINTORP Hook IKEA
I was thinking of making something similar to this on the wall to the closet hallway (by Chocolate Moments blog). In different colors of course :)
Or maybe something like this of wedding mementos from Thirteen Acres blog?

Although in looking back at our room in Texas I just remember this picture...

I wonder where it is at? Have we unpacked it? I haven't seen it :( We got the artwork from Pier 39 while on our wedding/honeymoon trip. Hmmmmm.
Thanks for touring the Master Bedroom of our new home. We're slowly getting things together!


Megan @ Meanwhile... said...

Looks great! I can only hope ours looks half as good within 2 years of moving!

the cape on the corner said...

what a fabulous and large space, i looove that reading/chair area. how bout your initials over your bed? or like silhouettes of you+hub=the kids or something. i dunno!

Tys said...

Thanks! I do love the reading space, but have to time I have to admit - the chair holds our bedding ;) I did think about a bunch of H stuff... but was thinking of something like that for the living room, so didn't want to overkill. This room baffled me in TX and is now in VA as far as decor. I'm determined not to let it win this time! Thanks for stopping by you two!

Jeri Slater said...

Beautiful room T! I like the idea of the I Love You... so you can leave notes to surprise each other and make each others day. The link below looked like one that could be alot of fun to be creative with fir iver the bed. I like it because it's not heavy looking and you can make it flow however you want on the wall. Check it out and let me know what you think. Lots of Love to you and the Guys!


Jeri Slater said...

Oops! 'fir iver' should read 'for over'

Tys said...

Those are neat, but probably too floral for Greg!

Lena said...

Your bedroom looks so cozy! I love the reading nook. Our bed is not symmetrical at all, and I'm totally fine with it:)