Monday, January 21, 2013

Our Playroom!

I was nicely asked by a friend to please give a tour of the playroom! Ask and you shall receive!

Here's a quick sneak peek!
In July, this room was the first unpacked and besides a couple things... that's been the last time we touched it! I have lots of ideas and it really needs a re haul. No one needs this many toys. But with being at home with all 3, I don't want them getting bored. I love to find new ways to play with stuff! Plus these lucky boys have a lot of people that love them and I can tell you that of what you're going to see we may of only purchased between 5-10% of it!

So here ya go. The playroom is in the finished basement part of the house. When you come down the stairs you see our little Alma Mater display! My uncle once found Greg's college AND mine at the same antique store states away. We used those postcards as our center one and took black and white photos of our campuses on one of our trips back to that area. We probably put this together about 8 or 9 years ago!

As you turn left you see the office space first. We didn't have an actual room for it like we did in Texas, but it works!


This is all Greg's petrol collection some antiques, and various other things. Mixed with with some of a few football things here and there.

Then following to the left you see the Wall O'Crap.

In the far corner is the TV... you can see the stand that I redid in Texas. We just have ottomans and pillows to lounge about on.

Continuing left brings us to the Exercise Nook with the Elliptical and Treadmill.

Also in this nook we hung up hooks for all the bags, hats, and dress up clothes! Easy for them to find and they don't get all scrunched up. We still have a bin full of more stuff like capes and what not.

Still continuing left is the Creme De La Creme of the playroom! I LOVE this IKEA Trofast storage system. Quite a few people have purchased it for themselves when they've seen ours.

On the wall is the $12.99 IKEA cable curtain rod (Dignitet) used to hang up all the goodies the boys create! In Texas I had used jump ropes to display but decided to do this here for more durability and I like that it hung off the wall a bit leaving more room to hang oddly shaped stuff AND the jump ropes weren't as neat looking as I originally thought.

In the middle of the room is an  IKEA Lack coffee table for them to play at with little green IKEA stools (that have so far lasted well for over 5 years, still look new!) and an old wooden chair. This table gets SO much use. When we moved we got rid of the old living room set since it didn't fit here. BUT come to find out, we shouldn't of gotten rid of the coffee table... they had no place to set anything to play with it (trains, duplos, cities, blocks, etc). Oops!

There's still some work to be done in here. Like that artwork in between the TV & Exercise Nook space we just hung on a random hook that was already there. Then Greg's parents gave us this USA coin map. I think we can come up with a neat wall assortment down here. Plus not shown but on a soffit across the middle of the room we lined all of our old license plates from various states (Michigan, Georgia, Indiana, Illinois, and Texas!).

Perhaps hang in one of those poster frames?

And figure out a way to dress up this window without cutting any light (only source of natural light in this space), hello yucky corrugated metal and mini compost!

I also want to organize the toys better and give that bookshelf an overhaul (like paint the back a fun matching green or blue color!). 

So that my friends is the downstairs playroom/office/exercise space! Thanks for joining me for the tour. Now you know where I sit to blog and the kids create messes and be insanely loud play! Keep an eye out for updates in the future. I've only just begun in this space :)


Carol said...

What a wonderful space that you can all use. Great to have that indoor play area for your boys, considering how nasty the weather can get back there.

Sorry I haven't commented in awhile. I feel that I'm always playing catchup!


Caroline and Wyatt said...

Hello! I ran across your playroom design and love how you did the Ikea wire curtain rod for the art. Can you tell me what you use for the clips? Thank you!