Friday, January 18, 2013

Safety Pin Nursery Decor

Yesterday I made something I think is super cute and have to share!It's been awhile since I've made something, felt good! Here's my replication to send off to my future nephew's baby shower...

I did not come up with this idea on my own, of course, got my inspiration from Pinterest! As you can tell I skipped a "stage"... I just did 3, marriage, pregnancy, and then birth/becoming a family as one. In comparison I do kinda like the 4 stages better than my 3... but 3 it is! ;)

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This is really pretty simple. Over all it cost me a little over $20 (can definitely be done for next to nothing, but that was just not my case at this point).

- Frame $12.99 at A.C. Moore. Probably could of found it cheaper, but I wasn't in the mood to play wild goose chase in the cold rain this week dragging the younger two around. I could of even used an old frame we had and paint the frame... again... where is that packed?

- Large Safety Pins $2.99 for a ton. Again, might of had enough at home if I searched my stash. Half my craft stuff is still packed up AND my luck I'd only find FIVE the right size instead of six.

- Scrapbook Paper $1.99/ea ($8 total). Yikes, I really should of seen what I had at home at first... even fabric would of worked. I certainly did NOT need all those sheets, I just wasn't sure if I wanted a pattern or plain and I'm very prone to BIG mistakes. So I wanted to be sure to have back up. Well, I certainly have plenty of back up now.

My supplies

Figuring out what paper to use. I like the pins, but I've heard the room uses sage. I think the left is more sage.

Using my NEW glue gun for the first time! YAY!
Although, it's kinda hard to part with my 25 year old one - we've been through a lot together!

Ready to hang in my nephew's nursery!

Now I want to find a little poem or quote about becoming a family to hand write on the back from all of us. Something like this...
" A baby will make love stronger, days shorter, nights longer, bankroll smaller, home happier, clothes shabbier, the past forgotten, and the future worth living for" (Author Unknown)

 We're excited to finally be an Aunt & Uncle, hope the thought & love behind putting this together will be felt. We shall see!

Time to ship it off with some more hand-me-downs we keep sending their way (we've sent 4 big boxes so far!). They're shocked at all the stuff we send. First they can't believe how much it is and that they'll need it all. Chuckle. This is only the real good stuff, over two-thirds we've already given away over the last year. Chuckle. They have no clue how messy babies can be, they think they only need one outfit a day. Chuckle. They have no clue why a baby ends up with so much stuff. Chuckle :)

P.S. In going to pack this up I see one of the pins is loose. I'm going to have to unassemble it all to fix it. So if you ever try this I hope you find the better ratio of "don't want too much glue to show" vs. "not enough glue to hold up long". I haven't conquered that one yet ;)

P.P.S. I really loved this and enjoyed making it... so thought I'd share with Serenity Now's Weekend Bloggy Reading Link-up! It's been long while since I've participated in parties like I used to... so hello if you're visiting from the party! Nice to have new visitors! :)

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