Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The National Tree! H Family Sightseeing Part 9

Yet another little thing we did while Greg's sister was here was to check out the National Tree in front of the White House.

Saturday night we got a babysitter. That night we headed to Georgetown to a restaurant called Martin's Tavern. It was quaint but also pretty busy. It's got some history too, we saw the table that JFK proposed to Jackie!

So we spent Sunday morning just hanging out. After naps we went for an early dinner to Old Town Alexandria to a sushi place called Momo's Sushi. It's in an old house, so it's two stories with a sushi bar at each level.

After we ate we walked around showing her a couple places we've seen on our previous visits, especially from when we did the Ghost Tour! Stopped at a cupcake store, Occasionally Cakes, to have dessert... we each got something different (yet all delicious) and Luke is lucky enough that at 18 months old you can walk around and sample everyone else's and it's not awkward, ha ha. It was Greg's sis that originally got us hooked on watching Cupcake Wars a couple years ago.

By now the sun was setting so it was the perfect time to head into the city. I was surprised at the crazy traffic at 5pm on a Sunday evening. Also took a bit to figure out where in the heck to park to get to see the tree. Never did really figure it out so we just headed back to our usual place that we park at the Tidal Basin. Then we loaded up the double stroller, bundled everyone up (it was cold!) and we hoofed it past the monuments to the White House.

I failed in my Julie McCoy Cruise Director (please tell me there are those of you that get this reference, if not click here :)) role! (special shout out to my old JW co-workers that really made "I'm not your personal Julie McCoy Cruise Director" line come to life!). IF I was smart (these kids really have eaten away my brain cells, are they zombies??) we would of stopped at the Starbucks before we got there for hot beverages to sip on our chilly walk!

Some can say that it's a little ho-hum for what you might expect. The tree is sort of decorated with an all over light "cage" not an "each bough decorated" sort of thing. BUT.... it's in front of the White House and there's people all over that come to see it. So it's more of an "atmosphere" type of thing. There's the big tree in the middle, tons of model trains on the ground around the tree. Then also making another circle around the tree are trees for each state/province of the USA. Ornaments on the tree are decorated by a club/school/etc of that state. Kinda neat! It was all very hard to take pics of, but here's some we took! Plus, we got a new camera for Christmas and we're still figuring out the settings and when to use what... so seriously, not the best pics... but you get the idea ;)

On the way out to Georgetown (on Saturday Night)
Washington Monument at Night

Just a little blurry ;)

Neat trains all over!

The National Tree
A blurry White House, we really need to figure out what we're doing on this camera!


Jeri Slater said...

I enjoyed your blog for the National Tree viewing. I'm really getting a great tour of DC from you! Love ya.

Jeri Slater said...
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Mrs. D said...

It's great you are getting to experience all of these sightseeing adventures! Very cool! You look great too!

Tys said...

Thanks! We love getting to do all this! And double thanks for the compliment Mrs. D ;)