Sunday, February 10, 2013

A Painting we will go!

Last Saturday I did a fabulous thing! I met up for dinner with an old friend then we went to dinner and then to a painting class in Georgetown. I thoroughly enjoyed myself!

Now how am I meeting up with an old friend considering I just moved here 6 months ago?? Well... this is actually my very first friend I can remember having, we went to elementary school together a few years. Thanks to Facebook we reconnected a few years ago. They had already lived here a couple years when we moved here, and now they're moving back to our hometown. So I'm glad our time living here overlapped for a bit!

It had just started to snow big snowflakes when we arrived in Georgetown. After we parked we started to walk around to find a place to eat... we quite literally went into the first place we came across. It was delish, so we lucked out! Clyde's American Bar is a narrow but long restaurant in the heart of Georgetown with hardwood floors and wooden paneled walls covered in vintage travel posters and what nots. What I also loved about their menu was that they have a little spot under the dish suggesting what glass of wine to pair with your meal. Perfect! I like wine, used to know a whole lot more about it... but typically don't try anything new. This was a great way to try something new (a red, that I don't normally get anymore) with wild mushroom stuffed ravioli. So very delicious!

Wrapped up our dinner just in time to head out to the painting class at Brush N Blush. We were just a couple blocks away from it... having a gps on your phone really is helpful!

Neither of us had ever done this before, but I know it's becoming very popular. They supply you with the canvas, paints, brushes and an instructor to guide you through it. You may also bring your own wine or can by it by the glass there. Although I didn't really feel like I had any time to sip my wine.
The two hour class flew by!

This is what it's advertised as for the class... "Splash of Wine"

Not too shabby for my first attempt!

I had a little trouble with my red wine "splash" it looks more like those windsock people things you see out in front of car dealerships. I messed up with my brush, there was no going back after that!

You can see their sample on the wall there over the top of my friend's painting... even theirs didn't look like the above advertisement one :)

Yes, my glass is the love child of a margarita glass and a wine glass. Don't laugh until you try to paint a wine glass with black paint keeping it in the middle, and not only symetrical but same height!

It's been probably 25 years since we've hung out! Fun night!

I found a nice home for it in the dining room (slight wine theme in there), almost hiding behind the coat rack ;)

The boys think I'm artist. Jake was so incredibly impressed that I painted that, he did one of his own! Love it. It's nice to know this is an option now if I'm feeling like I want to do this again, I could go by myself now that I know where it is and what it's about. I think I want to do more of a nature based one next time so don't have to worry as much about straight lines :)

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Jeri Slater said...

What a GREAT idea for a Girls Night Out! I wish they had this in NW Ohio. Good Job on the painting T! Looks great in your home.

the cape on the corner said...

that looks like so much fun, your painting rocks, and how cute is his painting of yours?! love it!