Monday, February 4, 2013

February Sensory Bin 2013

After the success of last month's Winter Sensory Bin, I was probably disproportionally excited to do another one! Our February Sensory Bin...

What is taking most of my time right now is my unpacking, sorting, purging and organization of the storage part of my basement. I apologize ahead of time for any background mess you'll see in the background. The basement is taking priority over keeping the playroom picked up right now.

So it kind of lead to this month's sensory bin. I had the idea to shred random papers that were in reds and pastels. We had a big shredding event already when we went through our file cabinet that we hadn't managed since Jan 2011, eek!

Then I just collected stuff we already had, I spent $0! I ended up including...

- Red wooden blocks
- A purple scoop
- Red stackable cups
- 3 3D foil hearts
- Gold Beads
- My favorite piece... the wooden I Love You sign language hand that my dear friend got for Luke as his adoption finalization present
- A sparkly gift bag and a plastic treat bag to put things into (or stuff/scoop the shredded paper into)
- heart pencil with heart eraser
- pink ball
- old card and some stickers
- little plastic heart box
- a bit of left over garland I found from when I made my peppermint candy dome
- A few books I could find that were about love, kisses, etc..

But this was the reaction. Not a single one of my THREE boys care one iota about this bin. Even if I sit there and play with it and show them things. Too overstimulating? Not interesting enough? Having a bin last month was just novelty to them? No clue. It was a bomb! Oh well, there's next month! Maybe I'll put it away and bring back out the week of Valentines Day. Please tell me this has happened to someone else? ;)

A lovely little quote to wrap this up...

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Jeri Slater said...

Looks like L is trying to figure out how his I Love You hand sign ended up with all the colorful stuff. I hope that the boys dig into it soon as I'm sure it will be loads of fun for them. I can't wait to see next month's already!

Ruby said...

Wow! You had those files in your cabinet since 2011? Have you imagined yourself tearing all those papers without the help of a paper shredder? Haha! I bet you can't finish all that in just one day or even a week. Anyhow, the bin looks fascinating to me. I think your boys just don't like the color. It's so feminine, eh? :) How about you ask them to do something creative and you make use of those shredded papers? That's something they will surely enjoy!

Ruby Badcoe @ Williams Data Management