Sunday, February 3, 2013

H Family Wedding Shadow Box

I'm not claiming this as an original idea... you can find plenty of ideas of what people have done via Pinterest or Google. This is just what I did!

I'm still in the middle of tackling the basement, like I have been! Have now gone through 22 boxes! I'm now officially DONE with boxes. Only leaves the box of my china that I decided not to unpack for this house. I'm using the china cabinet to house stuff that I use. Figured it was a smarter use of space for these couple years we're here.

So many memories are in boxes. Saw a great for using your wedding mementos to do a shadow box. Perfect! What a notion, to have them out where you can see them in memory of that wonderful day, and not buried in a box!

You can get a shadow box at any craft store and if you're smart and wait for a sale or a coupon, you'll be good to go. It's just been cold, snowy, etc... lately and I simply didn't want to do all that work. I just snagged the ONLY one they had at Target is 12"x12" for $9.99. Which if you're wondering sorta of next to the picture frames... but with diploma frames and record frames. Now you know. I didn't. I walked by it TWICE.

12X12 Shadowbox Frame - Black

First I dug around in my memory box (from IKEA).

Started putting things on top of it just to get a visual idea of the space I was working with.

At first, I started to get bummed. I didn't find much to use. We didn't have the big traditional wedding that most did, we had a small ceremony with Greg's family in a wine cave at a winery in California Wine Country. I also posted our story about it, years ago. It was hard coming up with physical items (that were not photographs). Plus I had already made a little scrapbook so some of the things I did have were used in it.

BUT! Have no fear! I brainstormed and came up with the necklace & garter I wore, along with some corks. The corks I will admit did NOT come from the actual winery. One is just a plain one with grapes, very similar to the logo of the Hans Fahden Winery that we were married. Then the other one was a Mondavi, and we did spend an afternoon touring and sampling there, so I figured it would work too! Plus it had a little quote on it "What ever it is you do, pour yourself into it". I also butchered a few of the pretty cards we received to use the little "I Do" tag and other 3D elements.

I loved our announcements... "We have news to share with you, in Wine Country we said 'I DO'". We took them with us and mailed them the next day so they'd have that area's postmark.

Start out by laying out your first layer that are the biggest/flattest items. Then just scatter your items around keeping in mind the balance of things. Like if a space looks bare, or needs some visual weight. Just keep tweaking. I just used tape to tape things to back board (wrapping around to the back) then heavier items like the corks and garter were hot glued. The necklace was just draped over the top and the ends taped down onto the back.

We're both really happy with it! It's perfect to put into our bedroom to help decorate the walls. The previous owners used nails the size of a railroad tie, so I'm trying to creatively reuse where they had stuff. We do not have the info on the paint and no touch up was left behind for us. I still have a wedding photograph to hang up over it and hope for a sunny day soon so I can show it all together in the bedroom.

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Lena said...

It turned out adorable! I love it!!

Jeri Slater said...

The wedding memory box is awesome! I love looking at everything and seeing your talent in action again.