Monday, February 11, 2013

Indiana Jones Kindergarten Valentine's Bag

Valentine's Day is just a few days away! Busy week for us!

Just registered Evan for 4 year old PreK for next fall. Jake is star of the week at school (take something to share about themselves every day), it's the 100th day of school (so we'll have to take something in - not sure on what exactly yet) and I'll be going in to volunteer for a bit that day, then it's also Valentine's Day! Yowza!

Sometimes we make our Valentines (you can check out past ones by clicking on the year 2010, 2011, 2012) this year we simply bought some Star Wars Legos ones... the school is asking that you do not attach gifts, especially candy. Always interesting to follow what the school asks, then see all the parents do it anyway. What's up with that parents?? What in the world do you think you're achieving??

We do get a white paper bag sent home to decorate for collecting their valentines!

I threw out a couple ideas to Jake. Then he suggested... Indiana Jones?? I love this kid.

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We've slowly over the last year been introducing them to our childhood faves... Star Wars, Indiana Jones (not Doom yet though), Goonies, etc... they LOVE them! It makes Greg and I squeal with delight (if we could technically squeal!).

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade - #6 on

Right now, ole Dr. Jones is quite the hit in our household!

Here they are with their satchels and Short Round

He wants an Indiana Jones bag... let's do it! I really feel these types of things should be done by the kids... so I just help with general direction. I can suggest placement, etc... but he has his own ideas and THAT IS OKAY. I'm quite shocked at some of the things I see "kids doing" for projects when it's pretty darn obvious that the kid barely touched it, except to carry it into school.

Here's his bag...

We had a good time creating this together.

First I googled "Indiana Jones Coloring Pages". Found a good image for him to color, copy & pasted into publisher so I could shrink it down to fit on bag.

Then he cut it out (Indy almost lost an arm! lol!) and pasted onto the bag.

Next he traced the whip with school glue and we laid yarn over it. I did assist in cutting it at the right lengths and adding the little flourish of the heart.

To make his name look like the logo I drew the block letters and colored in first on a separate piece of paper and then he copied mine. Cut that out and pasted to the bag.

Then he added all the "flare".... most of the hearts he put on say "cool"... of course! Dr. Jones really is the coolest of the all.

On the back we came up with "Valentine's Day Treasure" and added some things that made him think of the movies.

I'm thrilled he has an Indiana Jones Valentine's Bag that he's pretty darn happy with!


ElizabethOrmes said...

What a great idea! I love the personal touch of coloring pages for the Valentines and will try to remember this for ours next year.

Jeri Slater said...

Way to go Indiana Jake! :)

Jeri Slater said...

Way to go Indiana Jake! :)