Friday, February 1, 2013

Introducing... Flaunt My Friends Friday!

The other day a friend asked if she could share something on my blog since she doesn't have her own. Of course, I was "sure! would love it". Then I started thinking... I have so many fun, interesting, smart, creative, witty, traveling, reflective, motivating, healthy, and fantastic friends I know and have met over the years that everyone should know too! Why not start a series for it?? There are so many series about renovations, what we've made, what we've done... how about sharing and celebrating friends and their own uniqueness?

So, Flaunt My Friends Friday has been created. I put the word out, and already have the rest of February booked up! YAY! Can't wait to introduce these fantastic people. It starts next Friday the 8th.

I'm giving a pretty open scope as to what they can guest blog about. Mostly I'm going to tell them... whatever makes you happy, or something you want to share. I'll do a little introduction of them and then share what they send me. Majority of them do not blog, so you're missing out on them. Many even have their own business or wonderful causes they support.

Funny, no one thinks they're interesting or have anything to share or teach... so NOT true! Just wait and see for yourself! If you're reading this and we're friends in real life... you better be thinking of what you want to share! Because you better believe I'll be asking you!!

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Jeri Slater said...

GREAT idea - I'll look forward to meeting your friends!

ElizabethOrmes said...

Woot, I love how you introduce this idea. I am looking forward to it!

Lena said...

See, you have a lot of friends who are willing to post here. It's not a ghost town then :) I'm happy to follow along your journey,and can't wait to learn from all your friends!

Sara said...

Fun idea! You are so creative!