Thursday, February 28, 2013

Keeping it real!

Quite a few times lately have I ended up in conversations with my friends about people being fake and people being real. I'm very much a what you see is what you get type person. It would require way more energy than I care to use to put up false pretenses. I'm also not very good at omission either, it just comes out and everything is directly or indirectly related... I'm not smart enough to dissect and separate the moment it's coming out of my mouth. Both good and bad. I think the great thing about keeping it real as a female and as a mother is that both of these groups are notorious for constantly comparing themselves and worrying about what others think. So the best service we can do for each other is to show the down times and imperfections... it helps the next person not beat themselves up about their own!

Anyway... for a little fun for you and me... I thought I'd keep it real for you...

This is my beautiful plant accessorizing my bedroom... isn't it a beaut?

Why in the world is it still there?? It died months ago!

Oh look and it has a little friend on the other side of the room.

Even after I took this picture and blogged about it... the plant (or lack thereof) is still on the dresser ;)

In an attempt to make myself feel better as a wife and mother, I planned out and did "14 days of Valentine's Day" for Greg and the boys. Sounds enthusiastic and involved right? Yes, and way too much for me!

For the boys I did cut out 14 hearts for each boy. Then wrote something I loved about them on the heart and taped to each of their doors each day starting on the 1st. I'm pretty sure it turned into every other day... then I left them taped there until just the other day ;)

As for the days for Greg I did get some stuff during one of my target trips. I got about 10 items (Starbucks Lattes - love you 'a-latte', Mints - we're 'mint' to be, Nuts - I'm nuts about you, etc...), and while I did end up giving them to him I didn't do any fun tags and it all went a little something like this...

Right before Greg heads out the door for work I shove a 4 pack of Starbucks Lattes (which I'm just realizing NOW are technically frappuccinos! duh!) into his arms.


He looks at me all confused.
 I'm still not completely awake, haven't even ran a brush through my hair yet and I certainly haven't brushed my teeth.
 "I love you "a-latte", I tell him. Takes him a minute to get it, he says thanks gives me a kiss then he's off to work.
Probably NOT how you'd pictured it right? Me neither, BUT... it is what it is! I tried!

I also already shared that my February Sensory Bin bombed. Not a single one of the boys were interested in it one iota!

Right now this is how my mantel looks. I have no inspiration or idea of what I want on the mantel. So I keep putting stuff up there hoping to have an idea hit. Nothing yet.

I think the toy hammer really pulls it all together ;)

One last confession... I let Evan pick out these pepperidge farm milano cookies when I went to the grocery store today.

He refuses to ride in the car part with Luke. He wants to hang of the side of the cart. No way. It's hard enough to push those stupid carts as it is (definite love-hate relationship with those carts).

Plus he's four, he can walk. He cried and whined the entire time. I couldn't take it anymore (normally I'm more resilient, today that was not true) so I let him pick out our lunch (pizza!) and dessert. They both ate all their pizza and their sides of cottage cheese, pears and carrots. Luke got one cookie, and Evan got two... I... well, I... probably had EIGHT (I think there's only 12 in the bag). Holy cow, I know right?? I couldn't stop shoving them in my mouth. Oops. This is why I don't buy any kind of junk food!

Tonight I'm heading to my first yoga class in almost a year! I've been trying to go for a month now, but apparently 8:15pm is too late for my exhausted butt. I had to buy myself a new mat because when we moved the cat peed on my tired and true old one. So now I get to walk into the class looking like a total newb with my stinky (new plastic smell), won't-lay-flat-new yoga mat. Sigh. Oh well, at least it's not the cat pee one! :) Namaste!


Mrs. D said...

Your hammer and dead plant make me look like a schlub ;) You shoud see my house! Like you said...all we can do is just laugh at ourselves.

Mrs. D said...

*should...haha still laughing!

Jeri Slater said...

I LOVE this post! BTW you inherited the 'whatever you think, comes out of your mouth' as I also have that trait. I agree that it can be both good and bad. BAD at my work ~ but good personally as I do like being real and puts other people at ease. I have very good luck with outdoor plants but can't keep anything in the house alive so I converted to fake indoor plants years ago. No one seems to notice and it took the stress off of me as I felt so bad killing everything in the house. :)

Thanks again for your very enjoyable post.