Friday, February 22, 2013

Third Flaunt my Friend Friday! Shelley!

I'm really loving doing this series, even if it is only my third one. I have so much contact that week of their posts, more than we normally do. It's nice to have that! I have the neatest friends!

This week I introduce to you my friend Shelley. I've known Shelley for almost six years, we met online :) Haha, laugh if you want... but my online moms group that I became a part of when Jake was born has been the source of a lot of support and has taught me so much. We talk often on the phone and Shelley and I have some plans for the summer (you'll be seeing us painted as we're doing the Color Run 5K together!). That's one good thing about all of my moves, it allows me to meet up with these gals.

She's fabulous in the kitchen! She's not afraid to try something new and she always does it using what she has and keeps it all budget friendly (she'll tell me - "I need to go run to this store they have chicken/spice/product/etc on sale"). I'm always asking her for ideas, substitutions, or what kind of meal I can throw together with random items... she's always there answering! I'm waiting for the day she responds "Really, Tyson?" :) Here she is...

Hi! I'm Shelley! I have two wonderful kids, a six year old daughter and a two year old son.  I also write a food blog called C Mom Cook.

Cooking and baking have always been something that I have enjoyed, but not something I ever specifically focused on. After my daughter was born, I decided to start my food blog as a creative outlet - a way to dive into my hobby and be creative just for myself.  Since beginning my blog, I have joined many food blogging communities, met some great people and been introduced to so many new recipes that I otherwise would not have had the nerve to try.

The kids are always getting in on the action in the kitchen.

But, being a mommy food blogger, I have found that there are certain assumptions out there that people have about... well... mommy food bloggers...

Assumption - My kids must have such broad tastes and eat a huge variety of foods.
Reality - I try, I really do. But, no matter how daring I might be in my menu selection, there are times when kids are just picky, and mine are, too.  Ask my six year old what her dream menu is and, guaranteed, it'll include boxed macaroni and cheese. Emphasis on the "box." And the two year old? The only meat he wants to eat these days is chicken.

Assumption - I must have a huge kitchen and every kitchen gadget available.
Reality - I wish! We have to be a bit creative with our cabinet and counter space, but it's all about using what you have, right? I don't like single-purpose utensils, so that cuts down on a bunch of the smaller tools, and, with limited storage space, I don't have room for many appliances. For example, I don't have a food processor - a tool that you would find in almost any "real" kitchen. But I don't let that stop me. I used to just flip away from a recipe if I saw that it "required" a food processor, but not anymore. People have been cooking and baking long before food processors or juicers or lots of other gadgets were invented.

Assumption - We must have big, fancy meals every single day.
Reality - While I love to try new recipes, prepare delicious and prepare well rounded meals, we are a real family with school, activities, time commitments, and, referring back to that first assumption, food preferences to manage.  There are some days when, as much as I'd love to prepare something exotic and fancy, I just need a meal that I am guaranteed will be eaten without any arguments.

Little man is picking up on food-photography early!
There are some other mommy-blogger confessions I can make here...

  • There are days, even weeks, where I take more photos of food than of my kids.
  • Not every recipe works... sometimes it's the recipe, sometimes it's my own fault.
  • I don't make everything from scratch. I'd love to, but there are some days where the six year old gets her wish of boxed macaroni and cheese!

The key, though, is to keep looking at it as fun, as a hobby. And to enjoy it all - the successes, the failures, the messes all over the kitchen and every delicious calorie that goes along with it.  If it wasn't for my blog, I never would have made this...

Homemade tiramisu, two ways.

or this...

Fresh strawberry frasier
 Or even this...

S'mores cheesecake
And I am pretty proud of all that I have accomplished.

Thank you so much Shelley!! Doesn't all that just look as yummy as can be... and she makes it look easy and doable! I'd like to mention one more blog post of hers that I just love... because it's real...

Her son got into the Black Bean Brownies ;)

She's too humble and polite to tell you all the great stuff she does... but I'm not and this is Flaunt my Friend! Be sure to check out and follow C Mom Cook... her blog... on Facebook... AND she has a board on Pinterest of her kitchen successes! Also if you follow her, you'll find she does stuff that involves Daring Kitchen, Sourdough Surprises (a blog she co-hosts), Secret Recipe Club, and much much more. I would never be able to do the stuff she does, I love reading about it though! To me it's about the same as the guy with a chainsaw and a block of ice that turns it into a sculpture!

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