Friday, March 29, 2013

8th Flaunt My Friend Friday! Kim!

Today I bring a special flaunt my friend! It's my friend Kim. I've known this gal for almost 6 years; we used to get to meet up from time to time with our older boys were 1 yr olds, and now they're in Kindergarten and they both have two younger siblings! Crazy! I was actually able to meet up with her again recently in November when we went back to the midwest to visit family. We had another friend join us and had a fabulous brunch.

Kim is fantastic, she's one of those people you can be laughing your butt off with one minute, and the next you're discussing the deep mysteries of our psyches and solving the problems of the world! When this gal gets an idea or a bug about a project, she tackles it with gusto. I'm always "wait, you just had that idea, and you're already done?!?". She's sharing something special with us today... so sweetly titled "Pink Happens".

Pink Happens!

Hello, I'm Kim, Mom to two little boys named Keilan and Grayson ages 6 and almost 4. When I became pregnant with our 3rd this summer I just knew that my luxurious "boy mama" lifestyle of being able to let my children wear mismatched Granimals, buzz cuts, stains and dirty fingernails like badges (boys will be boys!) would continue. I was a "boy mama", this was my gig and I loved it. There was just no way I was capable of managing all of the details that seem to come with little girls. The months and debilitating nausea wore on and the thought that this could actually be a girl started to creep in. I was super sick, carrying differently, and ugly as all get out during those first few months. So the suspicion was there early on but I just told myself it had to be another boy. After all, my husband (who has been terrified of having a girl) always says, "I only make boys.". Surely we'd keep our status quo.

It was finally time for the 20-week ultra-sound and as I lay down on the exam table I smiled and anxiously awaited to see yet another little "floater". After all of the measuring we finally focused in down below and had a great angle, it would be impossible to miss. But where was it? Zoom in, zoom out and absolutely no "floater" to be seen. I asked "Could it be hiding somewhere?". My husband quickly jumped in with, "Oh if it was there you'd see it.". True. There were officially no floaters whatsoever! Just two squirmy legs and two little lines which we all know means....It's a GIRL!!!

WHAT??? Ok, exciting for sure. I mean what a blessing to be able to experience both. But how do I dress her? How do I do her hair? How do I decorate her room? How do I keep her clean? All I could envision was a dirty, homely-looking little girl with mismatched Garanimals and mis-placed bows hanging from her knotted locks of hair. My "girl mama" friends would say "Oh you'll figure it out reeeal fast, trust me.". Yea, really not so sure about that. When it came to the nursery I immediately began to envision buttercream yellow with vintage touches. Perfect. Just because I was having a girl didn't mean I had to get all Pinkalicious with lace and tulle. Yuck. Totally not my thing.

Finally we got around to picking out the paint and loaded the beasties up for a trip to Lowes. I wanted them to be as involved as possible in the whole baby sister preparation process. To make a long story short here's how the color selection played out.

 I chose a glowy buttercream yellow, they chose a hideous shade of pink and promptly put back my yellow. I chose a calming lavender (hoping for a compromise), they chose an even more hideous shade of pink and promptly put back my lavender. Over and over and over. It was a lost cause. All three of my boys were insistent on pink (Valspar "Taffy"). And the 6 year old in particular had plans for big bold flowers all over. "Her room has to have LOTS of flowers, Mom". It was too sweet that they all cared so much! So what's a Mama to do? Allow her precious boys to have their pink. Because hey, what can you do, sometimes "Pink Happens!".

Look at those sweet big brothers painting little sister's room

So without further ado here is our PINK baby girl nursery for the little darling who will join our family on March 29th (today!). I won't go into a lot of details about how everything came to be or why I put what where because I am so not a decorator and I didn't have much of a plan except to "follow manic instincts whenever they strike". My theme was basically "pretty" and "ladylike". It's a mixture of new and re-finished pieces I found at a local antique mall and spray-painted new.


We still have to pull out that screw and patch it, but wanted to give a close up of my little antique store planter. I had so much fun making her over. She used to have blue ribbons and flowers and a blue bird and was just a little dull and scuffed. Amazing what some iridescent paint can do! Also my attempt to stencil the top of the shadow box was a fail. I envision some sort of jewel glued on over it. Stenciling is hard

(Tyson here interjecting that I'm totally crushing on that butterfly plate in the shelving unit!)

Sign was made by a proud Grandpa for his grandaughter. He's so crafty and creative. What a cute touch.

I also enlisted the help of a crafty Etsy Mama, Amie Erwin from Pinkapotamus to create a custom floral mobile that I absolutely adore.

Yellow, Grey and White Ribbon, Pearl and Ruffle Handmade Fabric Flower Kids Chandelier - Mobile
Not exact mobile, just picture from the etsy shop.
The mobile ordered has not arrived yet
(note from Tyson: I told Kim we'd do an update post when it arrives)
We will put a large scroll font decal of her name over the crib after she's born, which, unfortunately for now, leaves the room lacking a bit. But you can squint your eyes and imagine it there! It has been so much fun to work on this nursery.

Thank you Tyson for inviting me to share on your blog. I hope you all enjoy seeing the finished product! And for the record, I'm certain my precious girl will indeed be a little rag-a-muffin with mis-matched clothes and dirty fingernails. And that's going to be a beautiful thing!

Aw, Thank you so very much for sharing! You know this mama of all boys is a wee bit green with envy of the addition of some pink to you life (heck, I'm tickled pink just having some pink on the blog!). She's going to be one loved little girl. By the time this post goes live, I'm sure your sweet lil' muffin will one her way (stay tuned I'll come back and update with stats... my guess was 8lbs, 8oz & 20")! Congratulations to Kim and family!

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Ayelet said...

I love it! Girly but not too overdone - so sweet!

Charlene Juliani said...

I know Amie!!!! thought that was totally funny, she's a blogging buddy of mine :) LOL!

Oh and I love the room...Gorge!!

Jeri Slater said...

Kim - you have made a wonderful entrance into the Girl-Mommy arena! Enjoy your new bundle of joy!