Thursday, March 28, 2013

Make lemonade from lemons?

Well we're day 3 into Spring Break. Yikes. Christmas break wasn't nearly as hairy as this week has been thus far. The boys have all been absolutely NUTS. I'm thinking it's a lot of cabin fever. But, still... yikes... what in the world are we going to do this summer?!?!

Monday was a snow/pajama day! Not very springy for spring break ;)

Tuesday we got ourselves publicly presentable and went out to lunch with Greg. We've never been able to meet up with Daddy for lunch before, so that was a fun treat!

Yesterday luckily was a gym day, spin class! It had been a little hard to move since the Trail Run 5k on Sunday, so it was good to get to the gym and work those sore muscles. I was very thankful for the boys being in childcare for an hour.

So all the stuff I'm not mentioning... I don't even know where to start.

- the almost 22mth old took litter out of the cat box THREE times. It's only like 5-10 seconds before I catch him, but in that short time absolutely havoc is wreck by him THROWING the litter. Luckily, one of the times was the one upstairs that the cat doesn't use. But I'm STILL vacuuming up there to get it all up. The other one was down in the basement our office/playroom/exercise room combo. The cat box is tucked off into a corner next to the treadmill and elliptical... so both pieces of equipment were coated with litter in all the nooks and crannies. Sigh.

- something majorly TMI happened with the 4 yr old. Still am not sure exactly what happened. Obviously it was an accident. Ended up with excrement down the front of the toilet, and all down the back of his pants and legs. OH MY. It's one of those things that for the first 30 seconds all you can think is... Where do I even start to clean this up??.Sorry to share that with you, but I had to pass on my trauma.

- the baby also is in the middle of a power struggle for when we leave the gym. The rule is, you walk and hold mama's hand OR you get carried. He's does the "limp noodle" & scream NO routine the whole way out of the gym and around the block to the car. It's fabulous. Everyone and their brother stares at me. But I'm not giving in, he cannot walk alone it's a super busy plaza/parking lot. I shouldn't have to carry a 22 month old. So we fight this struggle every time. Today's theatrics were ramped up a notch. So exhausting.

- we have ants. All along the baseboards. YUCK. At least they aren't fire ants like in TX, but ick. So of course the earliest pest control can come out is for when I had made plans for today to meet up with a friend and her boys. Had to cancel those plans :(

- the 6 year old is the ringleader of these crazy lunatics. He has energy that knows no bounds. He's also figuring out how to set up others to get into trouble. There's been a lot of lecturing and time spent in his room. Oh and one occassion of having to write lines for talking rude... then having to continue to write lines about talking rude due to yelling/laughing "I WILL talk rude" after writing said lines. Sigh.

- last but not least the 4 yr old has been coloring NOT on paper with markers. I've never had this happen. First he colored the windowsill in his bedroom red during quiet time. Then the real gem was that he drew "E's" in black all over his nicer khaki pants yesterday. He was on his 3rd pair of pants that day due to above toilet mess and then another little accident (he never has accidents!) so only the nicer ones were left. When asked WHY he simply told me... "I like E's".

In trying to do something fun yesterday we made homemade lemonade using this recipe:

homemade-lemonade 3wm cover 1

It was a good time. They did all the juicing and enjoyed the fruits of their labor. Although, Jake did say "that was a lot of work just to make lemonade".

Luke was not a fan, he looked at me like... "why would you give this to me?"
So turning my lemons into lemonade....

- at least we've solved the baby's fascination with picking apart his diaper at night by putting good ole duct tape on the front... one less mess. So at least I didn't have that AND the litter issue

- at least the cat box was clean each time he went "dipping"

- Crayola isn't lying when they say their stuff is washable... all the black marker E's came out of Evan's pants

- As crazy as Jake has been, it's been nice to have him home. I feel like I never see him any more due to school. He's gone from 8:30am-4pm during the week. But wow, I wish I had a 10% of the energy he has.

I'm tired.

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Jeri Slater said...

All I can think to say is "WOW!" Hopefully the holiday weekend will be better. Hang in :)