Monday, March 25, 2013

W&OD Trail 5k Race 2013

Yesterday, Greg and I did something different for a date. We ran a race together, the W&OD Trail 5k 2013! It was Greg's first official race/run/event... my 3rd. But it was my first actual 5k, non-mud style ;)

It was on the W&OD Trail in Falls Church, Va... click here to read the history behind it (used to be a railroad track segment)

I have exactly ZERO pics to show. I don't know why I didn't ask the sitter to at least take a quick pic with my phone of us. So I'm borrowing stuff from online ;)

One of the street we crossed over on the trail
Greg and I had been talking about doing a run together for awhile now. Most races start so early in the morning, it would be difficult to get a sitter. Found this one that started at 4pm... perfect!

Registered us in snowy February, think that by the end of March we'd be free of cold weather. Ha ha. NO. It was 41 degrees yesterday. It was predicted that the snow we have right now was suppose to start at 4pm... it held off until 6pm thank goodness. I froze my butt off though! I needed warmer pants, my legs were incredibly stiff from the cold while running. So not used to that!

Ran across this bridge twice (was surprised to feel it swaying!)

Greg has been running his whole life. Usually once or twice a week he runs 5 miles. Let's remember I just started running for the first time in my life last year when I trained for the Indoor Tri. I'm still not a "runner"... I don't get that rush or high from it. It just feels like work, hard work. I keep up with it because while it's not my fave, I do feel like I'm accomplishing something. Plus, I would like Greg and I to have something to do together.

I fully expected Greg to leave me in his dust (pretty sure he thought it too). He is currently having issues with his knee/IT band, but still warned me that he was just going to run even if it was ahead/faster than me. I was totally cool with that. It's really hard to run at the exact same pace as someone else. But, I will say the end of it all I was just shy of a minute behind him. I finished the 5k in under 30 minutes, yay! I'm pretty stoked about that. My best is usually about 36 minutes at the gym. I'm thinking I do a lot better on real ground than on the treadmill. I felt like it was easier to use my longer legs than on the treadmill. And before anyone tells me that I should run outside more... I just can't... it has to be at the gym due to childcare. I need that. It's the only way I can get in exercise.

Final results:

Greg ran in 28:46 placing 64th overall (43rd out of 60 males)

I ran in 29:43 placing 74th overall (28th out of 68 females)

We were both middle of the pack overall... there were some speed demons on this! There were 20 that finished in under 20 mins! I'm sure that's pretty normal in the race world, color me amazed!

That being said, I'm completely proud of myself! I was shocked I finished under 30 minutes.


shelley c. said...

That is awesome. I am impressed!! You are going to run circles around me this summer...

Tys said...

Oh no, we'll stay together for the Color Run! That's the fun, getting colored together :)

Jeri Slater said...

Sorry to hear that G is having knee issues. The Color Run sounds like fun. I've been told if you wear contacts to not forget eye protection as the colors goes EVERYWHERE...

Lena said...

What an awesome idea for a date! And I love the quote at the end too!