Monday, April 15, 2013

A New Fence

Another little thing we've had done recently to the ongoing exterior makeover of our new home... the fence. Not the most exciting thing to blog about and certainly not DIY or even all that budget friendly. But it is what it is and it looks much nicer and actually functions correctly!

Before with split rail fence with gate that neither opened OR closed

New handsome fence!
Three sides of our fenced in backyard are actually our neighbor fences. We just have the fence that goes from the sides to the house. So in what's turning out to be typical... they were of old spilt rail fence style that we had to then put chicken wire over to due to the dog. Lovely.

Garage side of house mid-demo (the orange and red lines are the utility markings that must be done beforehand)
Not to mention you could barely open either gate since it was so sunken into the ground. There was no real latch to speak of either so when it was rainy and windy the gates would blow open (the opposite direction of the way that would get stuck in ground of course). Then in the morning if we didn't check every single morning... the dog would wander out of the yard. Luckily that only happened twice.

So while we really did not want to spend the money on it... however, we really needed a new fence.

The Non-Garage side of the house/fence BEFORE

Non Garage side demo-ed and ready for new!

In go the new posts!

We kept two gates, one on each side. Didn't want to, it would of been WAY more cost effective to just do the one that's on the garage side. However, the previous owners installed a pathway from the deck to a gate on the non garage side of the house. Not wanting to rip up a pathway but also not wanting a path to nowhere... we still have two gates.

The awkwardly angled walkway. Look you can see the back french screen doors we still need to replace... they're the gray-blue the entire house used to me, doesn't match now!

Not only is it awkwardly angled on the "wrong" side of the house. The plastic edging is almost completely out of ground. We all trip on it. Think we're just going to rip out... doubt it'll fall apart in the two more years we're here ;)
I like that it's very similar in design to the neighbor's. Doesn't look as choppy that way. Oh and the fence is also angled a bit because we had to match old fence line or there'd be a huge gap. Oh well!

Bonus... we moved the garage side gate to the middle so that you don't walk into a tree anymore!

The gate used to be in front of that tree. Now that area will become part of the new mulch bed

Jake declares he doesn't like that the fence is "yellow". I tried to explain it's new and it will weather and turn brown over time and he looked at me like I had finally lost my mind for good! ha.
You probably noticed in the pictures that our "grass" is pathetic. Two landscape companies say we have too much overhead tree/branches canopy to sod the front parts of the backyard :( Boo. Not what we were hoping for. We're still going to try to fertilize, seed, water, baby it, and maybe we'll prove the professionals wrong?? Maybe we can just grow a bunch of weeds that when mowed it gives the look of grass, ha ha!


Jeri Slater said...

New fence looks good! Keep up the good work.

Marvel Farias said...

The new fence looks nice! The look matched well with your neighbors, but I think it would be best had you painted it dark brown to match with the weathered fence, don't you think? I like that quotation you put at the end of your post, by the way.
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