Monday, April 8, 2013

Get the Carriage Garage Door Look

This weekend we finished a fun, easy, budget-friendly, with "big bang for your buck" project! These are my favorite kind :)

The exterior of our home has had quite a makeover since we moved cross country late last summer.

This is the house when we bought it...

Then new landscaping, driveway and paint...


Now to add a little detail to the garage door (looking at this picture it's reminding me I never blogged about the new exterior lights - basically they're bigger and more appropriate in size and style).

Aren't real carriage doors like these just fabulous?


Well, a new garage door, let alone a carriage door is NOT in our budget. Wonderful pinterest led me to this post about how to give your regular garage door a faux carriage door look with just adding hardware. There was also another pin that mentioned finding at Home Depot, but when I click on that pin now, it says "page not found". My interest was piqued, I sent Greg the link and then it took over three months to actually do it. I swear we're not lazy, but with the kids & life... we don't really churn out results in a timely manner! Wait, I know, I'll just blame it on winter ;)

Look! Cool huh?

We bought this package at Home Depot for $15.99. I think there's various combos of how you can buy them (I also saw a Fleur-de-lis style) but when we're shopping with kids it's like we're on a shopping game show... JUST GRAB IT AND THROW IT IN THE BASKET!! GO, GO, GO!

Due to our garage door we could only install on the upper and bottom parts (where the trim was wide enough) and not more towards middle like I had originally thought since the trim was too narrow. So while not my first choice, I really do love the look. Super easy to install... just 3 small screws. The pieces are just a thicker rougher plastic.

We also cannot use the handles that came with the pack due to our door style (we'd have to drill into the thinner panels and being that the door is older we didn't want to tempt fate).

I think it really goes with the house and definitely gives it a pop of detail that is so sorely missing from homes sometimes. People don't always think about their garage doors, but look what a little detail can do. We're very happy with it!


the cape on the corner said...

your house is so flippin' cute. i wish mine had more clean lines. great job on your gardening...yes, i know this post was about garages, lol.

Jeri Slater said...

LOVE the enhancement you made to the garage door! It's the little things that make it stand out from other homes.

Tys said...

Please stop being sneaky with your spamming. I will be deleting last 3 comments. This is ridiculous. This post as nothing to do with what you're commenting about.

Sarah @ Thrifty Decor Chick said...

It looks SO good! I love your house too, so pretty!!

Dexter jazz said...

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