Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy Belated Easter! 2013

When we moved to Texas, we were said to leave family behind and be alone for holidays. But our Easter's became our holiday spent with friends and it was fantastic. The last three Easters in TX was spent with friends, good food, laughs, and our kids enjoying themselves!

So this was our first Easter alone. It wasn't too shabby though.

Kids woke up found their Easter baskets.

Look at these boys! 6, 21 mths and 4 yrs old... crazy!

Luke found his basket under the side table next to chair

Checking out the goods

Evan found his behind the living room door (I don't know why there's doors into there)

Jake's was in the bay window of the dining room behind the curtains ;)

This blurry pic shows the "check out your basket" frenzy that ensued

Had a quick bite to eat then outside to hunt for eggs before the rain started!

Really, they would not hold still

It's not very springy out in general... let alone in our nothing but dirt backyard. But stay tuned on that front... we have stuff in the works to give this space a makeover involving some grass (it's very shady so we can't have a ton of grass), mulch beds with plants, and a play space. My dad is coming the end of May and surprising the boys with a swing set! If you follow me on Pinterest you've see my numerous pins... trying to come up with a plans. We met the company that did our front yard in September on Friday to start getting things in the works.

After that we watched The Rise of the Guardians that the Easter Bunny left for us. Very very cute movie... both Greg and I thought it was great!

Then missing in Houston, we decided to try out this Bayou Bakery restaurant not too far away. Have ourselves a little brunch. Unfortunately, other people had the same idea. There wasn't a table open that would fit the five of us.

So we regrouped and decided to go to Ted's Montana Grill in Crystal City... by then it was for lunch, not brunch any longer. We hadn't been to a Ted's since we lived near Chicago. It was a nice lunch. The boys did well and ate good... they even give little "wikisticks" (bend-a-roos) to the kids to play with... great idea! On the way there we finally got to see the Iwo Jima Memorial! I knew it wasn't small, but I was still surprised just how big it was!

File:National Iwo Jima Memorial, 2009-09-15.jpg

The rest of the day consisted of everyone taking a nice long nap (yay!). Then we ate our leftovers from having a friend over on Saturday night and salmon was our main course, yum!


the cape on the corner said...

it looks like a great easter, and i can't believe how big the little one is already! you have ample space for a swing set, it looks like, so that will be awesome!

shelley c. said...

Evan is looking LONG in those photos - I can't believe how big all three boys are. :) Sounds like a lovely Easter!

Jeri Slater said...

At least there wasn't snow on the ground like a couple of weeks ago! I enjoyed the pictures in the backyard as I could spot a few unfound eggs. I'm sure they were found very soon after the pictures were taken. The plans for the backyard sound GREAT and I'm sure that swing set will get a lot of use. :)