Monday, April 29, 2013

I might be crazy! At home Summer Camp ideas!

I know it'll come across as crazy to some. But after Spring Break I realized a bunch of things.

1. We all operated better with structure (always have)
2. Jake needs some sort of schedule/structure like school offers or he just goes bonkers
3. If big brother is bonkers, the younger two simply forget our at home structure
4. When the kids go nuts, I then go nuts. I don't want to be nuts.
5. Jake is learning so much in school right now, I fear he'll backslide a ton during the summer.
6. Summer camps are expensive! Some are all day too, I don't want him gone all day either.

So during my normal bouts of insomnia, an idea hit me. Not really insomnia, I sleep like a rock once I'm actually asleep. I just have the worse time falling asleep. If you follow me on pinterest, you probably knew something was brewing in my mind. My idea was for summer camp at home. Yes, I do realize I'm not the first to of thought of this ;) Humor me as I share with you my brainstorm.

The H Family Summer Camp was invented!

I figure there's 10 weeks of summer, so I've come up with 5-7 weeks of ideas. Five I'll plan out for sure. I'll save two for back up. That leaves us one week for our family beach vacation. Then 4 weeks unplanned (don't want to overplan us or make it too much work and no fun).

It's hard to narrow down ideas. There's so many things we can do!

Some of the things I tried to keep in mind...

1. Keeping up the Daily 5 from the classroom. Involves: read to someone, read to yourself, listen to someone read, word work, and writing.
2. We know we probably only have one more summer in this area (maybe half of summer 2015) so we want to be sure to take in the sights. This area is FULL of things to do and see. Since HQ will be moving in 2015, it will no longer be an option to be around Washington, DC. Want to make sure we take it ALL in!
3. Lots and lots of outside time, exploring nature, swimming, and maybe a little learning too!
4. Include crafts, books, printables and snacks/meal that relate to theme of the week.

Here are our "camps" for our summer:

Week One: "Mucky Yucky Creepy Crawly Slimey Week"
     - Will conclude with a trip to Luray Caverns about 90 mins from us (family weekend trip)
    - International Mud Day is June 29th (Saturday, so we'll "celebrate" it on Friday - lots of MUD)
     - Do homemade Slime, Flubber, Gak, etc...
     - Learn about bats, snakes, and other cave type animals

Week Two: "America, America!"
     - Will kick off with Thomas Jefferson's home, Monticello (as part of family weekend trip)
     - Fourth of July will be that week
     - US History Museum would be fantastic
     - Check out the Marine Museum (they have a great playground outside as well)
     - There's lots of great crafts and snacks to do

Week Three: "Beach Week!"
     - The last week of July we'll be headed to the beach for a week with family. This will be a great lead in, but leaves the week before to get ready.
     - The Aquarium of course
     - Have movie night, some kind of Dolphin movie

Week Four: "Secret Agent Week"
     - Start the week being announced with a "secret" envelope
     - Visit the Spy Museum here in the area
     - Have movie night, Spy Kids of course
     - Obstacle course!
Week Five: "Cowboys & Indians" (I know, so NOT politically correct, but bear with me!)
     - Visit the Native American Museum
     - Make dreamcatchers
     - "Camp out" in backyard one night complete with hotdogs and smores over a fire
     - Movie night, Spirit: Stallion of the Cimmaron, or Brother Bear are ideas

Then ideas I had but don't have set in stone (I'll just be happy to do the 5) so using as back up in case we get restless:

- Nature week (visit US Botanical Gardens, do a "jungle breakfast" like in the girl scouts days - you just find boxed cereal, apple, banana, etc.. hidden in bushes & trees, visit the Smithonian Zoo)
- Planes, Trains & Automobiles (visit a steam engine about 90 mins from us)

Thanks for letting me be all wordy today. The east coast doesn't get out of school until after mid-June, so I still have awhile. I really hope I can pull it all together and make it work! I'm rather excited about it. Don't worry, I'll be blogging about each week and will share with you afterwards!

Now, I need to go make a sensory bin. Remember my goal to do one each month? I have one more day left in April to still meet that goal ;) Stay tuned, it'll involve birdseed.

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Jeri Slater said...

LOVE, LOVE LOVE all the ideas! Should be loads of fun.