Thursday, April 4, 2013

Is this an April Fool's Week?

I've got to be honest... I'm not having a great week. It's all been very disappointing. Long wordy post ahead (and funny little graphics I find on the Internet that I like to use to express myself)

Monday night was our first tee-ball practice for the boys. Jake & Evan are on the same team, since it's for 4-6 years old. Evan's pretty athletic and keeps right up with Jake. Once Evan found out you actually play ball at tee ball and you don't got watch it while eating hot dogs & ice cream... he was NOT happy.

The whole thing was nuts. It wasn't just like trying to herd cats, it was like trying to herd FERAL

I cannot believe parents take their kid to tee ball, then proceed to just sit on the bleachers and watch your kid take away from the practice, throw a ball at the coach's head, take the balls, push other kids, etc... So I went out on the field and helped the coach the rest of the time. What in the world is wrong with people?? Meantime, since both Greg and I went, we also had Luke. He was NOT a happy camper either... he bounced back between trying to run into the busy street not even 15 ft away OR just plain screaming his head off the entire time. Oh my. I was so regretting it ALL. I wish we had never signed them up. But I know I just can't NOT have them learning sports and being a part of a team... but I've never wanted to be a homebody more in my life than at that moment.

Tuesday, I was finally going to check out a new mom's group. My moms groups in the last two states I've lived in had been my lifeline! Especially in Texas when I had more kids and knew no one. We were doing stuff together almost every other day! Figured after 8 mths it was time to get back into the playdate/group groove. First in January I inquired to a moms group close to me, but they go by zip code, so I was rejected and sent to the group for my zip code. Ok, we're at the farthest point of our zip code and I really don't do anything that's IS in our zip code. But I wrote to that group, didn't hear back for a month. But then for your first meet up, it has to be a public meet up (I get that for safety reasons)... so couldn't attend until April. I get stuck in horrible horrible traffic, it takes me over 30 mins that should of taken me 5mins. The whole time I'm worrying about being late... I hate being late... plus I'm all worried about first impressions and such. I get there at 10:02... no one is there. Am I in the right place? I wait until 10:20 and decide to leave, as I'm pulling out I she a mom in a minivan pulling in.... hmmm... maybe it IS the right place. It was! So we go back and join them.


Don't get me wrong, the moms were nice and welcoming... I just was left really missing my TX moms group. The older kids were really mean to Evan. He was quietly playing with a paddle ball by himself and I go over and try to help him figure it out (those things are kinda hard!). Another 4 year old just comes over and rips it out of Evan's hand and says I WANT IT NOW. So I take it from the kid and say "Well, Evan is having a turn now, he's trying to figure it out. When he's done, he'll give it to you for a turn". The kid then rips it out of MY hand and yells NO at me. The mom was right there, didn't look at me, nothing! I took it back from him and he stormed off. Then Evan cut short his turn to give to the kid and the kid ripped it apart!?!?! Holy cow. Evan came up with ideas what to play and that one kid and another seemed interested and would start playing... then they would tell him he couldn't play anymore and would shove him away. Evan has thick skin since he has brothers, he even called the kids his friends. Yikes.

I just left the playdate feeling very lost and lonely... even more than I did before. I don't know if I'm just not giving it a fair chance or if I should listen to my gut and just be a homebody ;) I mean the boys play with kids off all ages about every other day at the gym childcare. So it's not like we truly are homebodies and they play with each other and sometimes the older kids on our street. So I just don't know.

By the time Wednesday arrives I'm just plain feeling defeated. But off to spin class! I get there and realize I'd forgotten my watch part of my Heart Rate Monitor... I only had the chest strap on. It's not a big deal, I can workout w/o it... it just feels like something is missing the whole time. Plus in the middle of this I'm think about my morning... I checked my email when I woke and see I've been hit by phishers/spammers. Just emailed everyone I've EVER had contact with... embarrassing, but it happens. I probably see it happen to one of my friends twice a month. It's not a big deal, just logged on, verified account and changed password. Then spent rest of the day get messages, texts, FB from everyone telling them I spammed them. SORRY. I would think it's pretty obvious it's not on purpose. This went on all day. So once again, sorry, it wasn't on purpose, I'm not trying to get you to buy Viagra ;) Had a good workout over all though, but felt weighed down most of the day from the past two days.


Today I was all set to go volunteer in Jake's classroom! I love going to do stuff like that. It's just really hard to go because I have to get a babysitter for the younger two. That's not an easy task. Jake as all excited, I was all excited... got a text from the babysitter... her car wouldn't start. So I don't know who was more bummed... me or Jake... I think me. Yep, me.

To top it all off I don't think Greg and I are going to get to vacation this summer like we dreamed. It's just not going to work. With all the tax stuff with the adoption credit and then with our move (it's filed as income not even that we saw a cent of it) it bumped us up to an astronomical tax bracket we'll never see again in our life probably. Bye-bye vacation funds :(

No Vacation Royalty Free Stock Image - Image: 10688336

I'm just feeling very disgruntled. I hate that I'm trying to do all these things that should be positive, and everything just sucks instead.

I try not to weigh the blog down with negativity and I like to share fun things... but this is all I've got for the moment. I DO have another great Flaunt my Friend lined up for tomorrow and there are some projects in the works around here. Hope to have something fun things to share soon!


Lena said...

Ugh, I'm so sorry April started on the wrong foot for you. That's one long week :(

Jeri Slater said...

At least you still have your sense of humor! Sorry to hear that your week is a bummer.