Monday, April 22, 2013

Play Ball!

This year we signed the boys up for tee ball! Their first time doing a team sport of any sort. Gotta admit, I was a little reluctant up to this point. I just know once it all starts, it never ends. I loved always having our weekends to ourselves. But they're getting older and I knew it was time.

I find it to be an eye gouging experience between the bratty kids (seriously are parents even teaching them ANYTHING these days?) and the actual parents themselves. I see 18 mth old siblings walking around with a gallon size ziploc of freaking M&Ms... eeek! By the end of the game that little girl ate her weight in candy (my eyes probably bugged out of my head). Or the lovely parents that LAUGHED because Evan got upset that the pitcher was getting some of the balls before he could when he was on first base. Hello, he's the only player that is FOUR on the team (the rest are 6!). What kind of behavior is that from ADULTS? Then there's Luke, he pretty much throws a tantrum the entire time. Not fun. He's mad he's can't go out on the field, he's mad he can't run in the road, he's mad he can't play in thorns, etc... it's exhausting. So this Saturday Greg just took the boys and Luke and I stayed home, it was his nap time so it worked out. 

Anyway, that being said, the boys really like it for the most part. I think Jake would be more into it if two boys from his class weren't also on the team. They spend most of the time being silly & hyper together. Evan does get upset from time to time since you know, he's four... but he's a pretty good ball player when his head is in the game! Every practice and game he complains the whole time there... "I don't want to play ball" with a big ole scowly face. Then after each, he's all "I LOVE playing ball". Alrighty then, Sybil ;)

Here are some pics from their first game 2 Saturdays ago.

Little brother Luke getting in on opening day pics

Evan on first base

Evan on third base, and Greg assisting behind him

Jake ready at the pitchers mound with the coach!
Baseball was made for kids, and grown-ups only screw it up. ~Bob Lemon

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Bethany Newsom said...

Sounds like you need to move to Lebanon, IN. (Any Exxon plants near? ;) Not that we are perfect by any means, but the small town brings a little less excitement when it comes to t-ball. (Still tons of practice and games, and Ava is in Softball...sometimes same time...different field) If I let Braden have a full sack of M&M's he would be a crazy boy...we let him have a little Dr. Pepper on spring break...holy cow, now it's a known fact that can't happen! :)