Friday, May 3, 2013

13th Flaunt my Friend Friday! Megan H!

This is a very special flaunt, my sister-in-law! She's the sister I never had! Love her and am thrilled to introduce her to you all. We always have such a good time when together. Have had lots of travels, adventures, laughs at Greg's expense, hours long non-stop chatting, wine, yummy meals, and marathon Charming Charlie's shopping expeditions! She's also a fabulous aunt to her nephews, they love her to death! Even our dog and cat can't leave her alone when she comes to visit. She's a hot commodity! Obviously I can't say enough good things about her.

She has many talents and is a dedicated teacher... but she does some really cool things with her nails that I thought she needed to share :)

Here we are on the Riverwalk in San Antonio, TX
Hi everyone! My name is Megan and Tyson is my fabulous sis-in-law :) I look forward to every time we get to see each other, and we always have an adventure when I come to visit. I get to see my adorable nephews even though they are mean and call me "old" and "Bad Megan". One of my favorite times would have to be our girls weekend in San Antonio at the Riverwalk!
I always love seeing Tyson's posts and how creative she is in all aspects of life! She is the one who introduced me to the most addicting website ever...PINTEREST! I teach 3rd grade, and I'm not going to lie, those kids wear me out each day! I love just browsing Pinterest at night looking at different recipes and some really cool teaching ideas, especially when my boyfriend is watching something on TV that I could care less about. I stumbled upon a lot of pins about nail art and for some reason I got hooked and wanted to start getting creative with my nails. Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge pedicure person. Everyone who knows me knows that the second the weather is somewhat warm the flip flops or heels are officially out and that my toes will be done with a fun design! However, I slack on doing my fingernails. My very first attempt at being creative was at Halloween time. After I did them I was officially hooked. For some reason it was just a relaxing and creative outlet after a long and hectic day.
Doing the dots are the easiest way to do nail art. Pinterest taught me a pretty neat trick where you use a mechanical pencil to make the dots. All you have to do is make sure that there is a little lead exposed and then dip that into the nail polish and then use it to make dots. I usually use a little piece of plastic, saran wrap, or tin foil to create a little puddle of nail polish. It is kind of awkward at first when you try using your non dominant hand to make the dots, but you get the hang of it! I later went on Amazon and bought a set of dotting tools, which have different sized tips to make different sized dots.
At Christmas time I tried to get a little more daring. I decided to make candy cane nails. In order to make these, I first put a base coat of nail polish on and then a coat of white polish. It is always easier to use your lighter color first when you are dotting or doing stripes. Make sure you let them dry for a while, because if you are like me I smudge them no matter how hard I try not to. Then I took pieces of scotch tape and cut them into smaller strips. I put them diagonally on my nails and then painted over the entire nail with my red polish. You only have to wait a minute or two before you peel off the tape. I then let them dry for a few more minutes and then put my final top coat on. I read a helpful tip that you don't want to make the layers of nail polish too thick because it makes them more prone to chipping, which is so frustrating after taking the time to do a design!

My students now look forward to what my nails are going to look like, especially the girls :) They try to give me ideas and try to guess what the next design will be. The other teachers love looking too, and some have joked about paying me to do their nails during our lunch and while the kids are at specials. Every holiday I try to get creative with how I do my nails. Sometimes it goes smoothly, sometimes not so much. The only way to get better is to just keep trying new things and making sure you have plenty of nail polish remover on hand. I usually do my nails on the weekends when I have a little more time and don't feel so rushed. My boyfriend just shakes his head, but I think he is secretly impressed, especially when I did my four leaf clover for St. Patrick's Day!

Here is what I did with my nails this past weekend. I didn't want to spend too much time on them, but I had to do something because I was dying of anxiety on whether or not the offer that my boyfriend put in on a house was going to be accepted. If it was accepted it meant that we were going to be moving in together! So meanwhile I put a base coat on all of my nails and then painted all of my nails a coral color.
Next, I cut some pieces of tape that I was going to use on my ring fingers to create stripes and this was going to be used as an accent nail (this is nice when you are in a hurry and don't want to do all of your nails).

I then took a darker pink color and painted over both of my ring fingers and let dry for a couple minutes.
These were the final product...pretty simple but nice for spring.
Just as I was finishing, the realtor called...he got the house! I couldn't even let my nails finish drying before started texting everyone the exciting news! May is going to be quite the crazy month with the end of the school year rapidly approaching and packing up my apartment (my lease ends at the end of the month and the house closing is at the end of the month)...ahhhhh!!! Wish me luck and good luck if you attempt nail art :)
Thanks Megan! Love you! I think even I can handle some of those! Probably not the clover or hearts, but how cute & creative. I saw her do the mechanical pencil trick on her nails when she was here over Christmas break, even my uncoordinated self might be able to handle that.
I have the BEST story about that nail tape too. She ordered it on Amazon but since it was Christmas she just lumped it with the boys presents and said she'd get it when she came to visit. We didn't get the nail tape. Months go by, it was forgotten. One day in March I get this tiny envelope from CHINA addressed to my four year old. WTH? I open it up and it looks like little mini-discs. I glance around, uh-oh we're in the middle of some covert ops with info from China! Took me hours and finally it hit me, those are spools of very thin tape! Wait? Is someone sending us Anthrax?? Oh wait! It's Megan's nail tape! I text to let her know that her covert anthrax tape arrived and I'd be sending it in the mail to her as well. Hahahahaha. Funny stuff.

Thanks for coming to play & share on my blog Megan! Miss you bunches! Can't wait to hear about the house. See you soon for fun on the beach!


Erin said...

Ha! Anthrax tape. Megan, if we ever meet, and I stop biting my nails, you are so hired. Awesome work.

Enid Franklin said...

Very cute designs. I'm going to show my daughter and have her try making some dots.

Megan @ Meanwhile... said...

Cute!! I didn't even know dotting tools or tiny tape existed, I'm going to have to check those out.

Jeri Slater said...

I'm so happy to hear about the house and that you are in love. Yeah! Nails look GREAT and it makes me feel like a lazy person that I don't do my nails more often. I was in Holland MI earlier this week for the tulip festival and this lady in her 80's had done her own nails with tulips. Really pretty just like yours.