Friday, May 10, 2013

14th Flaunt my Friend Friday! Allie!

I'm so excited that Flaunt my Friend is on it's FOURTEENTH week. Did I not tell you I know a lot of amazing people? Continuing the amazing trend, I'm happy to introduce my friend Allie to you! She has talents that are multi-faceted and incredibly creative! Everyone wants any recipe that Allie uses or comes up with. Even her beautiful girls are foodies and share their moms hilarious sense of humor and big ole lovely heart. She's also one to discuss styles, clothes and fashion with as well. But she's not fussy, she also loves her football! Jack of all trades I tell ya and a great friend to have.

Hello Everyone!!  I'm Allie, wife to my best buddy, mama to two girls, and owner and operator of The Graceful Rose.  I live in Seattle, where yes - it rains A LOT!  Why do people live here?  Well, the days that are sunny, although they are few and far between, are absolutely stunning!  Plus, I like coffee helps that there are 6 Starbucks within a half a mile ;-)

here's my little family at a recent wedding - don't worry, we are NOT this fancy every day!

I'm so honored that Tyson asked me to share a bit of my world with you!  I always loved arts and crafts as a kid, but I honestly didn't do a whole lot of it until I became a mom.  I learned to sew in middle school (thanks, Mrs. Thompson!), but never touched a sewing machine until my girls were about 4 and 2.  Since then, I've really enjoyed sewing, especially since there are so many great fabrics and patterns out there!  My hobby recently turned into a business, which has been great, but has left me needing to add a few organizational tools to my craft room.  So, I'm going to share a tutorial for turning any old frame into a customized memo/inspiration board.

First, let's chat about what you'll need:

  • A frame - Mine was on clearance at IKEA
  • foam board
  • fabric - I used this cute print from the Nicey Jane line by Heather Bailey - love her!
  • spray adhesive
  • X-acto knife and self-healing cutting mat
  • fabric marking pen and fabric scissors
  • spray paint (optional)

First, take the cardboard and glass out of your frame.  Don't be like me and ruin your manicure pulling those little metal doo-dads up!  Use a screwdriver.


If you want to spray paint your frame, now is the time to do it.  Use at least two coats to make sure the color is even!  While it's drying...

Trace the liner of your frame onto your foam board.

Using your self healing cutting mat as a base, carefully cut the shape out with your X-acto knife.

Place your foam board shape onto your fabric (right or wrong side - either is fine).  Trace the shape with your fabric marker and cut out.

Spray the foam board with adhesive and press your fabric on top.  You could cut the fabric a few inches bigger than your shape and just glue it to the back, but I find that can be bulky and not sit well in the frame, so spraying it with adhesive is my preferred method.  If you have any wrinkles, get out an old gift card and smooth them out.

Place the fabric covered board back into your frame and voila!  A custom bulletin board to use however you like. 

I chose to hang mine in my craft room and use it as an inspiration board, but of course, this would be cute anywhere you need a message center - landing area by the front door, a kid's bedroom, etc.  You could even go buy some T-pins at the fabric store and use them to hang up your jewelry.  The possibilities are endless :)

I hope you make a custom bulletin board for yourself!  Feel free to stop by The Graceful Rose Blog and say hi!  Thanks again, Tyson, for having me!

Yes, definitely go stop by her blog and shop, say hi and browse around! Especially if you have girls that love cute dresses and would love dresses to match with their dolls. She has a giveaway that ends today so go check it out! Don't forget to "like" her page on Facebook. Thanks so much for letting me flaunt you and for sharing your bulletin board Allie, it's fantastic! It will need to be pinned on Pinterest for sure. Gotta love projects that are DIY that can showcase your personal style and lots of bang for your buck. Helps you be organized, even better! Best wishes for continued success with your business!


kimmyk76 said...

So cute Allie! Going to try this!

Emily said...

Cute. Need to get mine done. Fabric picked out, just need turquoise spray paint.

the cape on the corner said...

i so need to try this! i've got a mirror which i thought i would add cork board to, but i'm having problems. fabric may be the answer!