Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Adding Features to my Blog

My blog is very very simple. I know it pales in comparison to many out there, hence why I'm still a tiny blog with a few followers and a couple google hits every now and then.

However, in many ways that's how I like it. Life sure has it's ups and downs and stressful times. I don't want my blog to ever be a source of stress. I honestly do not want that pressure. I don't use it to earn money, promote a business, or even have a real niche. I will never be invited to a blog conference. I just do it because I want to, like a hobby. One that makes me feel slightly productive and is a vehicle to get out a bit of that creative side. It's also a nice way to keep in touch since we move often and our family and friends are spread out all over.

Mid 2010-2011 I started to get more traffic and followers by participating in linky parties and started to get to meet other bloggers and follow each other. It was nice. My blog came to a screeching halt when we adopted the twins and then lost Grant. I was away from home for 8 weeks and did not blog except to deliver the news. Then when we got home it was hard to get back into that blogging groove. It's always kind of stung that since then I lost a lot of readers. But I know my facebook friends usually read and some posts even make it to 200 views!

I really get extremely peeved with I see these big bloggers posting "rules" for blogging. You must do this, you can't do that, blah blah blah. You have to promote this way and that way. Just like people that preach about the "rules" of facebook. Like only so many posts, and pictures, or the whole snarky "it's not your diary". I do a lot of eye rolling when I see these posts. I like the helpful ones, and ones that remind about manners (those make sense!). Who are they to dictate your spot on the web? It really rubs me the wrong way. While I'm sure if I followed all the "rules", I'd have more readers. But if I got too many readers, that might freak me out! I do wish I was a bit more tech savvy, I feel like I'm falling behind on the technology and programming behind it all at times.

So I'll just keep doing what I like. I have decided to try to add a search feature and pages with posts categorized (still not sure on those exactly but definitely one for the Flaunt my Friend Fridays, Projects, Kid stuff, and I want to do our sight-seeing & travels) so one can just click on those pages and see just those posts. I once tried to add the pin-it-button for Pinterest and yowza did I mess my blog UP. Luckily I had save the design & template and just reset it back to what it was before I started all that tomfoolery! So please stick around, be patient, and don't be alarmed if something looks wonky ;)


the cape on the corner said...

hear hear! i hate messing with adding things to the blog, i have no idea what i'm doing. i do think having a better design would really help me, but you know, i don't know what i'm doing, and i don't want to pay for it. i'm happy as is, and i blog when i feel like it, with the content i feel like posting about.

Jeri Slater said...

I truly enjoy the style of your writing T. That is what makes your blog interesting and I've always thought it is like a 'scrapbook' for your children and their families down the road. Keep up the good work and enjoy your creative hobby.