Friday, June 21, 2013

19th Flaunt my Friend Friday! Mel!

For this 19th Flaunt my Friend Friday, I bring you my friend Mel and her transformation! I used to mall-walk with Mel about 5-6 years ago. I just had Jake then, and I was amazed at Mel since she had her two boys! A group of us would meet every Tuesday and Thursday to push strollers around the mall and chat. Good times, I haven't done that since then. After seeing her transformation over the past couple years and seeing all the stuff she's doing now, I just had to flaunt her a bit :) Everyone likes an inspiring tale and I think many can relate.

I have gone through more than 30 years of my life -

*hating my body, *being ashamed and embarrassed, *looking in mirrors with a frown, *wishing I could wear 'those' types of shirts-shorts-pants-skirts-swimsuits, *trying every 'diet' possible, *wishing I would eat healthy, *making excuses, *feeling tired and weak, *not respecting myself.....

My heart & body & mind were tired and feeling hopeless.

The one thing I am certain - I don't wanna live the rest of my life unhappy about me - everyone around me suffers for it.

Plus it drains precious life energy that could be used for wonderful life moments.

That said- I decided it was time for a transformation of my body and mind- and I promised NOT TO GIVE UP ON ME! While the focus is on Me- I am also driven, and excited knowing that making changes in Me is going to have a positive life-long impact on my children and everyone else in my life.

Since beginning my transformation in 2010 -

I have lost over 80 Pounds (Size 22 to Size 8)

I want to share how I am doing it, because it has been easier than anything I have ever done before and it is a 'forever' change - not a quick fix.

It's a lifestyle that feels good, invigorates me, gives me pride, & I am already seeing a positive impact on my children!

Sometimes you gotta put yourself out there- even when your not proud of where you are at. I think it is part of the process of getting to where you want to be.


And here is where I am now.... more work to be done - but moving in the right direction.

After I had my second child I weighed 215 pounds. I was wearing a size 22!

Here is why I started MY Transformation...

My son was diagnosed with a chronic illness and it made me realize some important things about life.

1. Life is precious, short, and unpredictable.

2. My behavior directly influences my childrens behavior.

3. I want my children to live long healthy lives (and I want to be around to see them grow!)

4. I have been making choices that only cause me physical and mental pain and lessen my quality of life.

5. I can no longer makes excuses for my poor choices.

6. I can always come up with an excuse as to why I make poor choices.

After accepting those lessons above - I DECIDED to COMMIT to better choices so that I would SUCCEED at being a better person inside and a woman, mother, and wife.

Top 3 Tips
-Find your WHY
-BELIEVE you can do it.

Top 3 Favorite Workouts
-P90X (trust me - ANYONE can do this ---- it's all about MODIFICATION!)
-Running or Tennis

Top 3 Snacks
-Honeycrisp apple slices dusted w cinnamon
-P90X Protein Bar (Choc. Fudge)
-Strawberry SHAKEOLOGY with Mixed Berries


Thanks so much for sharing your transformation and lifestyle change Mel! Really appreciate it! Very inspiring! Be sure to check out Mel on her website Getting Healthy Mel and follow her boards on Pinterest for motivation, inspiration, and beneficial information! Best of all, let her motivate you to get out and moving today!

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