Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Cave Week: Day 2 Bats!

Today was H Family Summer Camp Day 2: Bats!

 We made some Bat Hats, I got idea from it here.

I told them to wear black shirts today too

Then we read books about bats, lots of fun info to learn! A few things we thought were neat:

- a brown bat can eat 600 mosquitoes in an hour
- bats hang upside down when they sleep
- there are a 1,000 different species of bats, 45 in the United States

They really liked this book. It wasn't full of information, but it was neat how everything (to us) was upside down since it was how the bat saw things. The boys thought that was neat... "How did the author draw that?"

Hung upside down like bats. Luke wanted NOTHING to do with hanging upside down or even leaning back ;)

Then we watched this music video on echolocation (it's catchy, consider yourself warned)

After watching this we played a math game that I sort of made up from various ideas I had seen. I just copied & pasted a bunch of mosquito clip art and printed out. I was going to use dice, but couldn't find them. So just used cards. Going back and forth between them I'd flip up a card and that was how many bugs they ate! They'd mark them off until the last bug was eaten.

For lunch we were sure to include a fruit salad since we learned some bats also eat fruit.

Usually Luke naps and the big boys have quiet time... today they fell asleep too! Just like Jake noted... bats do... they sleep during the day. It was actually quiet for once! Ahhhhh.

After everyone was up we made a bat snack, got the idea from here. It was a very yummy snack if I do say so myself... if I closed my eyes I could pretend it was a fruit & cheese tray to go with wine!

I used Cotto Salami cut into eighths instead of chips like idea

One bat was not quite awake yet

Then worked on some connect the dots bat worksheets while I prepped this "My Itsy Bitsy Bat Book". Definitely read the instructions on how to cut and fold this! It's simple once you learn the trick, but I would NOT of figured out on my own :)

Then they colored their books and read them to me. It was neat to see what little details they chose to add in of what they've learned today.

Good Day. It was Bat-tastic!!


the cape on the corner said...

this is all so cute and smart! and "bat-tastic" which I looove. every Halloween as part of my music mix I love the batty batty bat song from sesame street, that the count sings. I know, this is an odd thing to know, but I had a roommate in college who loved it.

Heather said...

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