Thursday, June 27, 2013

Cave Week Days 3 & 4: Bugs & Cave People

We definitely started out the first 2 days with a bang with Caves and Bats.

The next two days was loosely Cave Dwellers (mainly bugs!) and then Cave People.

On Wednesday we started the day reading a couple of non fiction books about Cave Life... looks of creepy crawlies... spiders, salamanders, cockroaches, crickets, and also the blind fish & salamander that live in the dark zone of the cave and never see light! Went on you tube and found a couple clips showing these kinds of creatures.

Later that morning we skyped with a friend and her 2nd grader read Salamander Rock to us! That was fun. It was our first experience on skype... I still find it awkward and the boys just kinda stare. The book was a neat pop up one with some of the critters we had just talked about.

Then we had a bug lunch... a skewered grape millipede, a cream cheese & cracker spider with carrot legs, a cream cheese & cracker beetle with pepperoni wings and a blueberry head, "bugs on a log", and a piece of cheese cut out with my crab cookie cutter (but looked enough like an insect of some sort!). They ate it outside and it was a hit!

Our afternoon snack was "Bears in a Cave". I let them use their not yet painted caves from the first day and gave them a handful of Teddy Grahams. I'd call out... 2 bears go into the cave, 3 more bears go in, one leaves, 2 more go in... how many is there? Just did that various ways. They said their bears wanted blueberries... so I gave them blueberries to split up between the bears before they gobbled all it up ;)

We ended by painting our caves. What a mess. They're heads were just not in the game by this point. They weren't even really trying, just sort of slopping the paint on it. I had to step in and help, and eventually our caves were painted (oops no pic of the finished cave and my camera battery just died!)

After that I put in a Bugs Life movie and called it a day!

A Bug's Life


Then Thursday was learning about that prehistoric people lived in caves. The night before I made the cave in the dining room again. Took some rocks from our Rock Sensory Bin and 4 of my battery operated candles and made a "fire" in the cave. I turned it on for them before they came downstairs for breakfast. I heard a lot of "awesome!"

Speaking of breakfast... if they didn't have a kitchen, refrigerator, or grocery stores... how were they going to have breakfast? Out to the backyard to "hunt" for it! Back in my Girl Scouts days we called this "Jungle Breakfast"... you had to find your breakfast in the nearby woods. I hid individual cereal, bananas, individual milks, spoon & napkin, bowl and a cup. Sure a cup might not of been needed... but they love finding stuff... it was like Easter! I wonder if the neighbors heard us? They've got to think me a complete loon! I even put on an animal print wrap thing I had from a costume long ago. They were calling me "Cave Mama"... ha ha.

Bed head went nicely with the "cave mama" look!

A banana in the rocks and a spoon &napkin in the fork of the tree

Read this book: "Me Want Pet" by Tammi Sauer. Jake really liked pointing out the bad grammar and that they were talking "wrong". Perhaps a little cliche, but it really got the boys interested and they found it funny too!

And flipped through this book: "The Secret Cave" by Emily Arnold McCully

Then we went to meet up with friends to play at a local nature center. Lucky us got to see some of the same bugs and critters we've been talking about. Cool!

Afternoon snack involved carving (with a paper clip) into chocolate! It was suppose to be peanut butter cups... but I completely forgot. So I just broke of the rumps of two chocolate bunnies we had from Easter :) They practiced first on a meat tray... then carved their bunny rump before consuming!

Last but not least we watched a couple you tube videos on cave paintings... then did some cave painting ourselves!

Little bro checking it out, he got in some scribbles too!

I just taped brown craft paper to the underside of their playroom table... and under they went to draw! I even climbed under to give it a whirl :)

Tomorrow we're "celebrating" International Mud Day (pretty much play in the mud and make some edible mud pies) a day early since we'll be traveling to see an actual cave!! Not sure if I'll do a wrap up post or not, since I've already posted each of the days. Next week is "America Week"... so I need to get an outline for it going. After the Caverns we're going to overnight and go see Thomas Jefferson's Monticello so that'll kick off the week for us!

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