Saturday, June 22, 2013

Caves Week Preview and Plans

Alright... here goes nothing!

H Family Summer Camp 2013 is set to go June 24th!

Thought I'd would do one preview post and one wrap-up post to go with each week. Maybe someone will stumble upon this and see something that sparks inspiration. Plus, it helps keep me organized!

When I first mentioned all this, my original idea was Yuck Week. But I found I needed a bit more of a theme... so since we're visiting the Luray Caverns, Caves Week it is! It was easier to find stuff that's more cohesive. With my "campers" being boys ages 6, 4, and 2... I needed something that can appeal to that range of ages. Each day will be Daily 5 activities for Jake to keep up on those Kindergarten skills.

Here's my  Caves Week plan... will be interesting to compare with the wrap-up post because I'm known for completely flip-flopping and changing things! Through out the post, I'll post the pins/links that I used as inspiration or will be doing. Be sure to click on pics or highlighted text to take you to original blog post or site.

There will be a library day each week, it'll probably just be whatever day works for us and not an actual set day. Throughout all this there will be as always.... outdoor times, pool, gym time, errands, etc... you know the normal "fun" :)

Sunday: I don't normally plan on starting anything on Sunday, but I want to get a head start on this science experiment to learn about stalactites and stalagmites:

They'll be drawing pictures or writing their observations in their science journal (Jake has one leftover from school and I'll just get Evan one to use too)


- Introduce the concept & basics of Caves with books from the library

- Night before drape blankets over the dining room table to create a "cave". Serve them breakfast in the cave with lanterns (and overhead light on dim).

-  Make caves using balloon and paper mache



- Visit local nature center (hoping they have some cave type critters there)

- Paint their caves from day before (decorate with sticks, moss, etc?)

- Learn about some cave dwelling animals, especially Bats (still figuring out what craft or activity)

- Have boys make & eat Bat Snack Bites (looks pretty healthy!)...

Scary Good! Easy Halloween Snacks and Desserts Your Kids Will Love


- Skype with a friend to have her 2nd grade daughter read "Salamander Rock" to the boys


- Talk about prehistoric people living in caves

- Cave Paint (tape paper underneath table and let them paint!)


- Petroglyphs ( "carve" a picture into a peanut butter cup for snack time)


 - "Celebrate"  International Mud Day (one day early)

- Fill sand & water table outside with mud and let them go at it

- Make a mud pie for a special treat (kind of like a chocolate pudding pie)

I'll also have some worksheets or printables for Jake to work on to keep up on his writing skills and word work. Plus we signed up for our local library summer reading program, so we have books to read. It's nationwide, so look into it at your local library... "Dig Into Reading" .


shelley c. said...

a) I can't wait until Wednesday ;)
b) carving cave drawings on pb cups is genius.
c) you rock.

Jeri Slater said...

I want to come to your summer camp as you have so many neat things to do!