Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Our Kitchen Drop Zone/Command Center

Sounds very military doesn't it?

Sometimes running a household is very military like, and I certainly have to be a drill sergeant around here with my pack of wild dogs (I mean 3 boys)!

Yesterday on Facebook a couple of friends and I were discussing a kitchen drop zone/command center of sorts. One of my friends asked "is it on your blog?"... and I realized that while this was one of the first things we did when we moved in over 9 months ago... I've never shared it!

This was very simple to put together. You need about 4 feet of space to replicate this... but the great thing is it's very versatile and can be tweaked to work in many ways and areas.

Here's what it normally looks like...

To break down into various components:

I started with the board of hooks. This holds backpacks, totes, jackets and hats.You can get these easily at Lowe's or Home Depot. Since this was going to be right in the middle of the house and no hiding it, I was okay spending about $20 on it and not DIYing it.


Liberty 27 in. Decorative Hook Rail/Rack with 5 Tri-Hooks in Flat White and Satin Nickel

Tons of way to DIY this on Pinterest, just look at this search

Then I got the bench from Bed, Bath & Beyond (that 20% off coupon always comes in handy!) along with the black fabric drawers sold separately

Real Simple Split-Top Bench Storage Unit - WhiteReal Simple Fabric Drawer - Black

Another thing I really like about this bench is the flip up top storage. This has all the coloring books, workbooks, pads of paper, etc...

The bins each hold one of the boys shoes. Easy access. No hunting them down, and they can do it all themselves. Even when Luke was 18 mths old he knew where to put and get his shoes from.

I love dry erase calendars so much that I need two! I need to be able to see more than one month at a time. When a month is over I just erase it and add the month after the next (since the next is already up at that point). It's also magnetic, so a couple things make it up there every now and then... usually artwork before it goes on display downstairs in the playroom. I got them from Amazon (love that Prime free shipping!), they're Quartet brand.

Pretty sure the floating shelf can from Target (I can't find on site, so maybe it was some place else, but it's a common piece). I had bigger plans for 3 little baskets up there to hold various things. Ends up our wall isn't flush right there, so the floating shelf isn't really steady. Hence the one basket that has the "mama access only stuff", like scissors, stapler, and tape. Stuff that I need to know when exactly they're using it.

Yes, this is right in the middle of our house. Yes, everyone can see it. But, man does it work. It looks pretty darn good if I do say so myself, so I don't mind it one bit!

This is just one way that keeps us organized, some what together,
and helps the kids do things on their own!


Jeri Slater said...

Wonderful organizational skills used here. Just knowing where six shoes are for six little feet is worth all the effort. Also the fact that each of the boys are learning responsibility. Way to go Momma!

the cape on the corner said...

is it weird that it looks even better with coats and stuff hanging than without? that bench is so stealthy with its storage-would never have thought the top opens, too. that rocks!