Thursday, June 20, 2013

Rocks & Construction Sensory Bin June 2013

Today I came up with a new sensory bin that I've thinking up... Rocks!

The last months was Sunflower Seeds and I had to get the seeds back in the bag to feed the birds in the fall/winter and clean out the bin a bit from the seed dust. We had rocks that lined the top of our large potted plants on the patio. They've been sitting outside in the bottom of the pots since we moved almost a year ago. So Luke & I collected them this morning (the pots are as big as him!) and brought them inside and cleaned them up. Yes, I cleaned rocks. They were slimey and gross!

When Luke went down for his nap I had the big boys help me collect construction type toys and books. I added in a bag of black beans that I was sure was expired... um yah... March 2010!

Included in this bin:
- River Rocks
- A few random rocks from our backyard
- Black Beans
- Shovel
- Bulldozers & Dump trucks of various sizes
- Construction workers of various sizes
- Couple construction themed books
- Duplo caution cones
- "Rock Tunnel" (very high tech item - paper towel roll that I wrote on!)
- Fencing
- Conveyor (from a cash register, but thought it'd be a neat way to move the rocks)

We set it all up so it'd be ready to play with after his naptime and the big boys had their quiet time!

Forgive the pics, I couldn't figure out what was up until the end... I had bumped it to some sort of unfamiliar setting. Hard hats on, ready to play!

The Rock Tunnel was a hit!

I should of kept the camera going... the boys are all having a BLAST right now while playing next to me. Jake has the large dump truck full and just dumped back into the bin... loud! Giggles aplenty!

I'm hoping the rocks caught their interest because stay tuned for next week is the H Family Summer Camp - Cave week! I have a couple activities that I'll need the rocks for, so at least they're already clean ;)

"What are men to rocks and mountains?" - Jane Austen

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