Friday, July 12, 2013

21st Flaunt My Friend Friday! Ashley!

Here we are for the 21st Flaunt my Friend Friday (after a little holiday break last week). It's been over half a year of meeting some really neat people! I'd like to introduce Ashley to you. She's a moms group mama friend from when I lived in Texas and a fellow born and raised Hoosier. When I moved her girls were little, a young toddler and newborn - now they're a big & little toddler! Time flies. Here's a very active, cute, busy mama that has recently started her own clothing line. It's quickly grown and I will say the first time I wore one of her tanks to the gym two people asked me where I got it... it speaks for itself!

Alright I am new at this so bear with me! My Name is Ashley and I am 25 years old (yikes that number is creeping higher). I am originally from a small town in Indiana filled with nothing but corn! Apparently, pretty good looking men too because that is where I met my husband Myles.

Myles and I started dating when he was in college at Purdue University and now have been married almost 4 years! We had an eventful first year to our marriage because we moved to Houston, TX for a job opportunity, flew back on a weekend to get married, and later that year had our first beautiful daughter Aubrey! We also last year had another little beautiful girl named Harper! These two bring such joy and love into my life that I never knew was possible!


Before I moved to Houston I worked in an amazing salon. I had my independence, my own money, and my own routine! Which I think most moms can relate that is very hard to give up when you’re so use to it! I’m not complaining at all that I get to be a SAHM but more of I was feeling like I was missing a little bit of “my own thing”. I decided a couple months ago that I needed that last piece of the puzzle to feel more complete.

My girls are 3 and 1 and I have my hands full but I wanted something for at night to relax and enjoy for myself. So recently I started my own company called LoveStrong Clothing. I really like to work out and I am OBSESSED with wearing tank tops (which in Houston how can you not be). So I decided lets mix them together and add a little more spice to my mom wardrobe! Which is why I started LoveStrong Clothing a custom tank top and apparel line.

LoveStrong Clothing has been open for almost 2 months and I am loving it! I feel like I am so proud that it is doing well and that I did it myself! From going out, working out, or lounging about I pretty much have women covered (literally). My daughters are so funny because they help me as much as they can and also get to feel proud which makes me have an even bigger smile on my face!

I hope that one day I can show my daughters that being a SAHM was the best decision I made and wouldn’t change it for anything else, however that doesn’t mean you can’t do a little something for yourself on the side. I have motivated myself and others to get back out there and continue to do good for themselves, while also making my Husband and Children proud. I don’t think there is any better feeling! Thanks for reading my short story!
Ashley has cut my hair AND I have two of her LoveStrong tanks, so I'm definitely a fan of her talents! Be sure to check out LoveStrong Clothing on Facebook (she's always having giveaways and previews of cool tanks!) and the LoveStrong Clothing Etsy store as well! Thank you so much for being a part of Flaunt my Friend Friday Ashley! Best of luck to you guys and your cute girls, keep on cranking out cute tanks... I think you need  to add one even more my style... something about "You may not run a 10 minute mile, but you're lapping everyone on the couch!"

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