Monday, July 8, 2013

America Week

For the Fourth of July week, we had "America Week" for our H Family Summer Camp!

Kicked it off by visiting Thomas Jefferson's Monticello

We already had this book that we read before we went and after for a couple nights at bedtime. It made quite an impression on the 6 year old! Below is the library he created in his room after seeing Jefferson's library :)

Now I must confess I was pretty will wiped out from our weekend travels! But the show must go on (but the boys did say they missed "Cave Week").

Day 1: America Introduction (and our Flag)

Monday morning's breakfast treated them with a giant floor puzzle of the USA on the table. It was something we had bought to be a group Christmas present, then we just plain forgot. Forgot again at Easter... America Week? Perfect!

Then for breakfast we had cherry turnovers that when icing is on the top with blueberries, looks a lot like a folded flag! Showed them some pictures of a folded flag and watched a you tube video of it after we ate.

See it has the folded flag look! Oh and Jake is wearing his robe because Jefferson wore a long overcoat... of course right?

Jake's selfie with his folded flag breakfast!

Our goals for that day... get some books from the library and buy a flag for our house! Those were our big things for the day. Jake did call me out on it... "When are we going to learning?" Just roll with it kid, mama is tired! They got their own little flags at the hardware store too, and we learned about the 50 stars for 50 states and the 13 stripes for the original 13 states.

Also hung up my Patriotic Rag Wreath (love to make these!)... looks amazing on our blue door!

Day 2:

It was suppose to be about Bald Eagles, I was going to take them to a park about a half hour away on the Potomac River that has a refuge/sanctuary for eagles. Looked at the weather, it was suppose to rain all morning. Ends up it never did, Figures.

Told my Facebook friends if they were looking for anything to do with their kids to have them draw pictures, dress up or post a video about their state for us to see. That was fun! We got results from Ohio, Florida, and Maryland. Maryland blew our socks off, our buddy did a great video presentation! We also skyped with a friend in Pennsylvania and we learned about their state too!

Later that evening they helped daddy mount the flag & pole onto the house!

Day 3: Fourth of July Prep

The boys made their first homemade pizza (why Jake has his homemade chef's hat on), and I figured some fun drinks were in order! While our pizza cooked we did this fun and edible science experiment of Red White & Blue layered drinks!

Drawing their first observations
It worked! Neat!

It's all due to sugar content/density! Try it sometime!

Later that day we started on our bike decorations for our neighborhood bike parade on the 4th!

We made our version of these handlebar decorations
Patriotic Parade Streamers for our annual bike parade! #happy4th

Then did a few fireworks connect the dot and coloring worksheets. Later that evening they went shopping with Greg for fireworks :)

Day 4: Happy Independence Day!

Started out the day by being sure to wear our Red White & Blue and our flag pins

Got the bikes decorated for the neighborhood bike parade to the pool party. That was a long afternoon.

The crew ready to roll!

After dinner (where we did the layered drinks for us all and they explained it to daddy!) we waited for it to get dark (or at least not the sun shining in our eyes) and did some of our fireworks. Put Luke to bed (he normally goes to be at 7pm and it was 8:30pm after a loooong day) waited for the sun to set and did the rest of our fireworks. Went inside, got cleaned up and had popcorn and twizzlers to watch the last half hour of "A Capitol Fourth" and even caught the last 10 minutes live of the NYC fireworks!


Gotta get that right angle to throw them ;)

Luke figuring out the poppers

2 year old cutie with a sparkler, being the youngest with older brothers has it's advantages!

Sorry I don't have as many links this week, it was a rather "light" week. Sure it didn't measure up to Cave Week, but there was a lot of talk about our flag, the first 13 states, our country, soldiers fighting for our freedom, and other things like colors and patterns found in the flag. It was still a good week and boy do we all like a theme :) Up next week... Transportation!


Jeri Slater said...

What a great way to celebrate America! Each week can't be a 'Cave' week or you would be exhausted all the time. Just like life - you need peaks and valleys.

Amanda said...

Looks like you guys had an amazingly fun and busy week!