Sunday, July 21, 2013

Beach Week!

I'll have to admit, I'm running out of steam on the summer "mom" camp front. Will be taking a break next week when I will need all week to prep for our actual family beach vacation to the Outer Banks!

The kids woke up on Monday morning with a beachy centerpiece on the dining room table and leis on the back of their chairs! It's Beach Week!

I had just gotten back from my Girls Weekend in Philly so I wasn't quite as prepared. We spent most of the day talking about beach type stuff... animals, sand, saltwater, fish, waves, etc... LAME I know but I'm hoping they didn't realize it ;) They had a ton of questions so we kept busy with that really.

For lunch I rounded up some stuff (hadn't been to the store yet) and found that I was lucky that daddy let the boys junk a little while I was gone. There was a bag of gummi lifesavers and some teddy grahams... so that was the inspiration for this lunch... PB&J sandwich, peach slices (one big one turned into a ship), "beach" goldfish that I left Evan pick up last week for beach week, and blue milk (a glass of milk with a drop of blue food coloring).

I let them play with their food and they had the best time! The sandwich was the island that the bears in inner tubes were playing beach ball and a pirate ship stole their beach ball, but it was okay, they had another one, and the fish swam around the island.

Another day I literally dragged the bag of sand we bought when Hurricane Sandy came through last fall and dumped into into their sand & water table. First time there's ever been actual sand in it... it's usually just water ;)

The camera was all fogged up for the longest time!

Someone kept knocking over the sand castle and had to take a little break from the sand.
This pic is actually a recreation of him pouting ;)
But more or less, I gotta say... Beach Week consisted of us going to our neighborhood pool a LOT. So that was a treat for them. We don't usually go everyday! Luke is slowly warming up to it. He's just not sure what he wants... when we're in he wants out, when we're out he wants in. The big boys are total fish (they say they have gills!), Jake is jumping off the diving board like a pro and Evan can do two -three backwards somersaults underwater!

We did get a get selection of books from the library one day... the boys filled our book bag! Even Luke!

I highly recommended  "Bats on the Beach", written and illustrated by Brian Lies ... the cutest and unique story with fantastic pictures! I just found out he has a whole "Bats at the..." series, can't wait to get more in the future.

There's a few worksheets we did here and there as well... here's a couple...

It's all leading up to a BIG finale... in FIVE days we leave for our first family beach vacation! Simply cannot wait! We've done day trips to Galveston, Tx when we lived in Houston, but never days in a row like this with a beach and a pool. We're staying in a beach house that we're renting with Greg's parents, sister, brother, brothers wife, and our new nephew! The boys look at the online slideshow of the rental house pretty much daily, we've been counting down the days, and they're super excited (but Greg and I just might be a smidge MORE excited).

You may hear from me once or twice before we leave. If packing overwhelms me then maybe not, but no worries! Hopefully, you'll hear from me again that first full week in August. BEACH OR BUST!
"To myself I am only a child playing at the beach,
while vast oceans of truth lie undiscovered before me"
 ~ Sir Isaac Newton


Lena said...

You are always so creative! I hope you enjoy your big beach vacation! We just came back from a smaller but very enjoyable one :)

the cape on the corner said...

fun! have a great time on vacation!

Jeri Slater said...

My favorite thing - Fun in the Sun! Enjoy your vacation. Love to all.