Sunday, July 7, 2013

Cave Week in Review!

Time to review our H Family Happenings Summer Camp - Cave Week!

Day 1: Caves

- Had breakfast & lunch in a cave in our dining room
- Stalactite & Stalagmite experiment (that never did anything by the way!)
- Paper Mache Caves
- Got books on Caves from the Library
- Drew pictures about caves

Day 2: Bats

- Bat Hats
- Learned about Bats, read books, watched some you tube videos
- Mosquito Math!
- Bat Snack (cheese, grape & salami)
- Bat Mini Book and various worksheets


Days 3 & 4: Cave Dwellers

- Animals, Insects, Amphibians, Fish and Spiders that live in caves
- A few books & you tube videos
- Skyped with a friend that read us a book
- Local Nature Center
- Buggy Lunch
- Did some Salamander worksheets
- Watched "Bugs Life"

- Woke up to a cave in the dining room again! People used to live in caves!
- Had to "hunt" for their breakfast in the backyard
- A couple books on prehistoric people (funny & non-fiction)
- Did some carving into chocolate for snack time
- Cave drawing under the coffee table

Day 5 we "celebrated" International Mud Day a day early with playing in the mud and making mini mud pies (basically choc pudding & cool whip mixed together and put into graham cracker crusts)!

That weekend we took a family trip to Luray Caverns and on the way there we let the boys watch Lego Batman movie ;)

It was a really good week. Lots of learning AND fun!! So much so that the bar was set and "America Week" just wasn't the same. Thank goodness for 4th of July stepping in to save the day ;) 

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Lena said...

That sounds like such a fun week for the little guys! And their Mom :)