Monday, July 1, 2013

Luray Caverns! H Fam Sight Seeing Part 13

This weekend we went to Luray Caverns in the Western part of Virginia.

It was a perfect to plan "Cave Week" for the boys last week before we went. They were so psyched! When we first walked in they were all "Stalactites! Stalagmites! Where are the bats?" It was great.

It was about an hour and 45 minute drive, we'd only been that way on our drive in when we moved here, so it was pretty much new to us! It's amazing that we have mountains so near by really. They're beautiful!

Luray Caverns opens at 9am. We got there just a little after that, no crowd. By the time we got our tickets, took a bathroom break then went on tour... it was pandemonium when we got back to the surface! I suggest being there as early as you can! I will note tickets are a bit pricey at $24 for each adult and $12 for children 6 years and older. The younger two got in free. You cannot take your stroller unless you have one of those little umbrella ones and want to carry it down and up 70 steps (yes I counted out of curiosity) and there is NO stroller parking. Usually at places like this there is... but I waited in line with the boys while Greg ran the stroller back out to the car. NOTE: there is a sigh that pets are allowed if they're carried the whole time?!?!

There's a bunch of things here that you can do after touring the caverns. We just stuck to the basics... caverns, food, and a couple free museums for toys, civil war, and vintage cars!

At first Jake wasn't so sure about being deep down in a Cave, but he perked up real quick after the initial reaction!

An interior pond so clear it reflects the top like a mirror!

Oh my, happy AND standing still!

Stalactites comin atcha!

We heard a playing of the Stalactite Organ

The Wishing Well! The boys threw in their pennies!

At the Vintage Car Museum

They mined for gemstones! Look at that huge crystal in Evan's

Old one room school house

Mountain views!

Then after that it was getting close to Luke's naptime, and after all that walking (you walk almost a mile and a half in the cave!) the big boys probably could nod off for a bit too. We decided instead of taking the direct way to our hotel in Harrisonburg, VA we'd take the scenic way... Skyline Drive!

Skyline Drive is a two lane road (speed limit 35 mph) and winds through the Shenandoah National Park (part of the Blue Ridge Mountains) with TONS of overlooks and trails. 

A very familiar sight... "Luke look at the camera!"

Greg thinks this pic is funny... I'm in the car (Evan was asleep) twirling my hair

It is SO hard to get a picture. These pics are just a few of the MANY we took of the 3 of them, with NO luck!

Then we made it to Harrisonburg, VA (James Madison University is there) and we ate dinner at the Union Station restaurant, a nice yet comfy place with some tasty food!

When we got back to the hotel, I got Luke down for bed (he did NOT take a nap because we stopped the car too much at all the overlooks!) and Greg took the big boys for a swim at the pool.

Up next... Thomas Jefferson's Monticello! It'll help kick off our "America Week" for the H Family Summer Mom Camp for this 4th of July week!

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Thanks for the post to finish up 'Cave Week'. Loved all the pictures.